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I really enjoy listening to good guitar playing of all sorts of musical genres. I find acoustical guitar music to be very relaxing and calming .

Imagine listening to good guitar music and changing yourself for the better! YES!! …. and you can. Read on to explore this exciting modality of getting spiritually fit! Add another powerful tool in your fitness suite.

A few years ago I was reading about a meditation technique and another ad caught my eye on the side of the web page. It led me to Mark Romero’s site. Since then I have been attending various webinars, bought numerous products from him, and have launched this Spiritual Fitness website in part due to the transformational music.

If you want, check out the website and get a free meditation MP3. I’ve found the guitar transformation to be very powerful, effective, and downright enjoyable! Yes, the work can be tough, but the results are worth it.

Mark Romero – using the guitar to transform

Mark had a very successful career as a CEO and Executive Manager, when a top NASA consultant/scientist discovered that his guitar music was a channel for harmonizing energy. That energy from the guitar music would then get infused into those of us that listened to it. The energy allows for healing, transformation, and generally tuning up our minds and bodies to the frequencies where we can then receive the abundance from the spiritual realm. That NASA scientist’s discovery changed Mark’s life for sure, and many of us (including myself) have benefited from the combination of harmonizing energy and guided meditation practice.

The guitar music tunes are bodies and minds to a harmonious set of frequencies. Then along with the mental work, the combination allows for removing the blocks and high density low frequency emotions that lock us into our old patterns. Powerful healing and transformation result from removing these blocks and tuning up our internal frequencies. We can live joyously, passionately and spiritually fit.

Think about it …. at our core, we are all just a bunch of dancing strings! With quantum physics, science has learned we are comprised of atoms, and inside those atoms are electrons, protons and neutrons … then those are comprised of quarks … and there are multiple force fields. Ultimately all of this complexity and can be reduced to a many dimensional set of strings as can be seen in the figure below.

These vibrating strings make up our bodies … we are literally a set of dancing, vibrating strings …. we are all part of the cosmic symphony! It makes sense that the guitar strings vibrating can positively affect our dancing, vibrating body strings.

The NASA consultant also determined that Mark’s music eliminates the negative effects of energy “disrupters” in the environment (such as cell signals, electromagnetic transmissions), thereby dramatically reducing stress, increasing physical energy, enhanced mental performance, and optimizing the body’s ability to heal. His music has helped thousands of people around the world transform and heal their lives. I’m happy to say I am one of them.

Working with Mark

Mark offers numerous free webinars throughout the year, and that is how I got started with this guitar transformation. He focuses on a particular topic, such as prosperity, eliminating stress, or improving your relationships. If you opt-in on the free MP3 link above, you will be advised of all these free webinars.

The sessions combine some discussion usually led by Mark, and then the stage is set for the tuning! For the next 30 minutes or so, Mark plays the guitar while leading us with a guided meditation. I’ve released old “stuff” that I have been carrying around for many years, all in the 30 minutes. What isn’t needed is simply released, and he guides us into the “new” that we will replace it with. The guitar keeps my mind focused, and I find that the vibrations of the music get infused into the vibrations of my body, and a deep transformation happens. I’ve found that after a few of these sessions, lasting change takes place.

Mark then typically creates different suites of the combination guitar and guided meditation that leads us through the transformation and healing process.

Getting started: Vibrating toward success

One of the base sets of guided MP3s is the Vibrational Success series. Click the link and choose the I’m Ready button to explore that series. The basic fact in life these days is that all of us are under a lot of stress, from both within and outside of our bodies. Stress is the silent killer, and takes away our joy in life … we struggle.

Mark put together this basic series of MP3s to get rid of those negative blocks and then tune up our minds and bodies. In that manner we can then be ready to transform and live the life of our intentions.

Prosperity and Abundance

One of the series that Mark has created is with Prosperity and Abundance. I was fortunate to be a part of the group where he actually created the suite of music.  We were the “guinea pigs”, yet it came off beautifully. I then bought the entire suite that can be seen in the store link here. The title is Unlimited Prosperity.

Interestingly enough, I am following a version of Mark’s adventure through life. He went from CEO and Executive Manager to his present MarkRomeroMusic business, tuning us up with his guitar playing. Now that is a huge leap and trust that the new work will bring abundance on many levels into his life … with all the bills, mortgage, a family … but he has done it.

I have left corporate America and engineering with the goal of bringing Spiritual Fitness, happiness and joy into many, many lives. I am going to provide interesting blogs, books, eCourses, meditations and links to all types of healing and transformational practices. The Prosperity and Abundance series was one of my catalysts to give me the courage to undertake this adventure and to go forward with faith. Into the void!

One-on-One with Mark – on my “Bucket” list

Right now my business is a single person effort, although I have numerous classes, online tutorials and colleagues that I consult with. However, as my business grows, I will definitely be expanding and hiring or outsourcing tasks and positions as is needed.

One of my “bucket list” items that I have in my vision is to take a journey to California and do a one-on-one coaching session with Mark. It does cost a bit, but I believe when the time is right it will supercharge my business and my effectiveness in assisting many people to adopt a spiritually fit lifestyle. I intend to blog on that experience soon! While it costs a bit, I’m betting that the net will pay back (in different forms of abundance) many times over the investment.

Spiritual Fitness

Remember, spiritual fitness has two pieces to it … first we must remove and let go of the things that don’t serve us, that keep us in fear, resentment, and limitations. We let them go. Then once we have created that spaciousness, we let Spirit/Source as we know it enter into our lives. Now we transform, now we are happy and joyous, now we can live life! Spiritual fitness brings the light and gratitude into our joyful lives.

Mark’s guitar music and guided meditations do exactly that … we are powerfully guided to let go of our “stuff” that limits us and doesn’t work, and we allow new visions and transformation to enter into our lives. The guitar music tunes up our dancing, vibrating strings and I highly recommend it as one of your many spiritually fit exercises and programs. I listen to different tracks and guided music meditations numerous times per week, depending on what is stressing me or what the Universe brings up for me that day. Let the music elevate your frequency. Dance with your vibrating strings into a higher frequency of joy!

Please add your thoughts, questions, insights and how this blog spoke to you in the comments below.    My goal is to be a driver for a spiritual fitness global movement, and I need your help.  Your comments inspire that journey!! 

    21 replies to "Transform through listening to guitar!?! [Mark Romero]"

  • Mark Romero

    Hey Bobby! Thank you for sharing this information. I appreciate your interest in my work with music and energy, and your willingness to share with your visitors. Continue the awesome work in bringing things forward that can support us on our journey!

    • Bobby Oliver

      Your welcome! Its going to be fun working with you and I’ve been able to transform pieces of my life through your music and meditations.
      Bobby O.

  • Vanessa

    Wow! I love guitar music! Guitar was my first instrument of choice to learn to play. But I never considered it from this aspect; meditative and trans-formative. I just love the music. It’s clear from this article that sometimes we can overlook some things when it comes to the things we love. While I know that music on the whole can be trans-formative I never really considered these specific elements and benefits of guitar music. You’ve given me something to think about. I’ll definitely be checking out your recommendations! If music be the food of love, play on…  

    • admin

      Thanks Vanessa! Yes, I too really enjoy the guitar music, and have learned to play over the past years myself.  I caught an add for Mark’s music out of the corner of my eye in the corner of the web site page that I was on …. and something moved me to pursue it.  I’m delighted that I did.   Enjoy the music and the blogs, great combination.

      Bobby O.

      • admin

        oh yeah … love the quote “if music be the food of love, play on …..”!!!!

  • Ronald Otochi

    This sounds very interesting. I had no idea about spiritual fitness till I read the Spiritual fitness page.Is this like a different type of meditation technique? I have been trying to learn meditation by focusing on my breathing or sound, so far I haven’t been successful. Will this make it easier for me to get used to meditation or it’s about the same level of difficulty? Overall, nice article. I enjoyed reading it. 

    • admin

      Hi Ronald, so spiritual fitness is about getting rid of and letting go of stuff that doesn’t work for you, and then letting the Divine into your life.  In those two steps, we get spiritually “fit”, and then flow through life with a joy, passion and deep peace within.  Mark’s music is a tool that will help you to get spiritually fit.  And yes … I’ve found listening to Mark’s guitar music is a much easier form of meditation for transformation than some of the others … although I am a meditation believer of all kinds!!  Bobby O.

  • Henry

    Hi Bobby. I agree with you, guitar music is indeed very relaxing and calming. And this is a very interesting story concerning how Mark Romero discovered that his guitar music was a channel for harmonizing energy. I know NASA has been conducting projects for years in order to study frequencies and their impacts. Good this top NASA consultant/scientist made this discovery! Thank you very much for sharing.

    • admin

      Thanks Henry! And being a scientist type myself, I like to do research, but then experiment for myself.  I found the music and guided meditations really do work and give me a boost to making those changes I need to within and without.  To your success.

      Bobby O.

  • Pentrental

    Music can be a life-changer. I agree with you the acoustic guitar is great for a calming atmosphere. Guitar playing has been sometime I started doing and something I always have on the back burner. It looks like Mark Romeo’s site is a good place to start to get back into it. I’ll definitely check out one of his webinars. Spiritual Fitness sounds pretty interesting as well. I’ll be checking them out through your links here, well done!

    • admin

      Thanks for the reply.  Enjoy all the blogs and my vision is to uplift many souls through this site.  If I come across tools or practices that have helped my spiritual fitness, I put them into the site.  I started using some of Mark’s music tools a couple of years ago and continue on … they work!   Welcome and feel free to sign up to get updates.

      To your spiritual fitness! Bobby O.  (hoping to rent one of those penthouse suites in Europe you have!) 

  • SeunJeremiah

    Thanks for this informative post, I’m presently going through a tough time in my life right now and quality meditation is just what I think I need right now and I believe coming across this website was not a mistake, I’m a lover of guitar as well, just going to take a leap of faith here and visit the website for a meditation.

    • admin

      Go for it!  I’ve used Mark’s music to transition through some rough times in my life, particularly dealing with change.  Fear can lower our vibrational frequencies, especially around impending “changes”, and the meditations helped me to embrace the change, raise my frequency, and move through them with grace and ease.

      Raise your vibrations!  He has some that you can sample and make sure they work for you.  Then, if your like myself, it was well worth the expense to get the whole series.  Bobby O.

  • Fran

    I really like the idea of being part of a cosmic symphony.  I have always believed that music has a great deal of healing power.  To find a man who has managed to harness and channel that healing through his guitar is wonderful.  It seems to me that such a force for good would be helpful to many people.

    I’ve been involved with music all my life…even traveled for a time with a professional group.  I’ve seen how music can affect people and change them, and believe the work Mark is doing is very important.  I hope you get your chance to see him in person.  We will be awaiting your report.

    In a book I wrote, I included a definition of music that I like.  Will share it with you:

    Music is love in sound; music has no life and all life.  Music controls nothing with force, but only with its willingness to give to its listener.

    Go within yourself and find the music in your soul.  No way of finding yourself is more fulfilling to you.

    • admin

      Awesome, I really like “music controls nothing with force, but only with its willingness to give to its listener.”  Very powerfull!   and yes … I am finding the music of my soul deep within.  Thanks for sharing your music wisdom and insights.

      Bobby O.

  • RoDarrick

    Wow! This is somewhat strange and very interesting to me, I must confess. Though I love music especially the ones dominated by acoustic guitar and that’s the more reason I have a lot of music cover audios. However, transforming oneself through listening to guitar by mark Romero seems to be on entirely different level of learning. Wow! This is indeed worth listening to especially the free copies that can be tried out. I really wish I can see how this works

    • admin

      Thanks Derrick! I have found that it really works for me, so try it out for yourself.   Just download a couple of the free  copies, they are complete and will focus on a portion of improving and tuning up your life.  All the best, Bobby O.

  • Myles

    This is impressive information for me. I’m a big believer in self awareness, the power of the subconscious mind, self hypnosis and meditation. The major bonus here for me is I love acoustic guitar music and after having a bit of listen to Mark it’s a home run combination. Here’s another fantastic method we can all use to improve our overall life as well as focus in some specific areas as desired. It is so very important, for the quality of life we attract, to consciously feed our subconscious mind with good information and experiences. 

    • admin

      Thanks Myles, I appreciate your enthusiasm and energy!  What was pretty cool too was I reached out to the support email at his site and got a telephone call back from Mark himself!  He is down to earth and appreciated my website and the goal/vision of uplifting others to become more spiritually fit.   I’ve had success with the Prosperity and Abundance suite along with numerous webinars he has provided.  Let me know if you get any of the product suites and how they work for you as well as if you attend any of the webinars.  

      Stay tuned up!! Bobby O.  

  • Barb R

    Thanks so much for the great information! Checked out Mark’s music and really liked it. You have a great website!

    • admin

      thanks Barb, glad you enjoyed it! Its a work in progress so expect new things often!!

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