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Beautiful sunsets! No matter where I’ve gone, and all over this world, there is often the opportunity to see the sun set with spectacular flair! The one below happened right after a storm had passed through and left a stunning orange display to soak in along the shoreline of Lake Kerr in Florida.

Fiery yellow, oranges and red lights up the sky

Gaze at that picture above …. what happens inside of you? I love going to that deep place of peace within.

Universal Human Response – Peace within

I’ve talked to numerous people and showed them some of these pictures, and always, without exception, there is a response of “wow, cool, awe, nice!”. For a few moments, the universal human response to a sunset is one of pure joy. Each one of us have a momentary pause in our lives, connect with that sunset, and feel that deep peace within. Its also very gratifying within to share that beauty with friends and loved ones …. try it … share a beautiful sunrise or sunset with a close friend, watch them get that awe and inspired feeling inside, and then in turn it’s a gift back to you!

Sunset on Lake Kerr in Florida

I have a family relation that was a great test subject …. he is very smart, very sarcastic, witty, and tends to make fun of and belittle most everything in life. As a secret test, I showed him a sunset taken from his front lawn, and he forgot for that instant his “safe, patented, sarcastic, aloof self” …. and said “wow” with a genuine enthusiasm and realness. Soon after he caught himself and came up with a witty, sarcastic spin, but for that moment there was awe. I showed him the sunset below.

Setting sun reflecting off a left over storm cloud in Titusville, Florida.

Spectacular! Even this “sarcastic” human immediately elevated his view …. the universal human response! Witnessing these sunsets in person is even more inspiring.

Elevating our Spirit

Everyone I’ve talked to has a slightly different response, but I can say with certainty that each and every person had an elevated spirit. We rise above the pettiness, there is no judgment, just a simple expression of pure joy. For that moment we forget all of our troubles, release the fears and worries, let go of resentments, and come to this moment of beauty. We feel that deep peace inside since we are in that moment only. Wouldn’t it be great to live in this state more often?

I’ve found some tools and meditations that have assisted me in living with that deep peace inside … just like viewing a sunset.  Mark Romero provides some great music where he plays his guitar and provides guided meditations that, just like a sunset, draw me towards transformation and peace within. Many of Gabby Bernstein’s meditations and practices, and the hemi-sync meditations have all allowed me to feel great joy inside, elevate my spirit, and live with passion. I have other blogs on each of these (Mark, Gabby, Hemi-Sync) as well if you are interested.


Gratitude! The spectacular sunsets evoke a gratitude within us. We are grateful to be alive, for the day, for our blessings, for the love we have felt in our lives … we are connected with that universal energy and Spirit. We become One, if only for that small instance/slice of time.

Enjoy the vast array of colors with sunsets, from yellow to orange, to red and then deep purple at the finish

Its so natural to feel grateful when viewing a sunset. Yes …. peace within.

Inspiration [and Hope]

. The fog settling down on the far bank was eery and mystical in the sunset below.

Foggy mist along the shore line at sunset

Mystical experiences happen when I’m in the moment and experiencing that Oneness, connectedness, and that deep peace within. I am just drawn by the picture above on Lake Kerr to go deep into my own spiritual connections,

Growing up, I was taught that God was separate from me, that guy in the sky judging me. Now I prefer Spirit, as I get that “knowing” when I experience mystical connections and Oneness that no longer separates me from Source. Just like a sunset, and yes I am in this 3 dimensional body, yet there is a greater connection and peace that happens within me and around me. I love a good mystery!

Shine your light

Take in one more sunset!

Sunset in the mountains of Colorado

The sunset is often the most beautiful right after a storm rolls through. The clouds leave an object for the sun to brighten up in an amazing show of colors. That one above is while hiking in the mountains in Colorado.

Sunsets show to us and reflect that natural beauty within each of us. Usually a spectacular sunset catches us off guard, and we instantly get drawn into it with elevated souls, forgetting all the things wrong about ourselves. In that instant we see the beauty within us, and identify with the beauty of the sunset. We get jumped, and so don’t have time to prepare our defenses, patented answers, smart, witty comebacks, judgments, and all the other little things we do to be sure we are “safe” in life by staying the same.

Sun reflecting off the absolutely placid lake brings twice the light!

As I get in peak spiritual fitness, I find that more and more of my life is spent as though I had just gazed at a sunset. The mind slows down, there is gratitude, inspiration, and a deep peace within. Then, like the double sun reflecting off the lake above, I have so much Light within to spread. I am bursting with life, energy, passion and the desire to share it and uplift others.

I’m working and planning on creating a couple of eCourses so that you can practice letting go and letting the beauty of nature, Spirit, Source, or just our higher selves come deep inside. There are tools that can help us to live our lives from that place of peace within, but we must practice and do our daily work to stay there. Just like when we view the sunset, we are temporarily in that complete moment … it takes some practice, letting go and some work to stay in that beautiful moment as we participate in life.

Join me in getting spiritually fit! This website is dedicated to your spiritual fitness with uplifting blogs, practices, tools, meditations, and sharing together in life. I want you to feel that awe inside yourself on a regular basis in life, just like when you witness that awe-inspiring sunset!

Please write in the comments below about how you feel inside when you see a beautiful, spectacular sunset.

    17 replies to "Sunsets! [Into the Spectacular]"

  • Althea Smith

    I truly enjoyed reading the Sunsets article. When I see sunsets, I envision an omnipotent presence surrounding me with love, gratitude and peace. A sunset reminding me of a well lived day. Thank you for sharing yourself and the beauty of sunsets.

  • Nuttanee

    By the way, I love the name of your site spiritual fitness, that is genius, back to topic. I cannot remember when was the last time I see the real sunset! I guess I was too caught up with work and forget these little things in life that makes me happy. You caught a perfect picture of a sunset. It is very calming and sort of telling me that I need to relax when I get home. The cartoon sky shot is amazing as well. I feel that mother always provides the tools for us to heal ourselves mentally and physically. Thanks for reminding me that I can still find happiness outside my door. 

    • admin

      Thanks for recognizing the Spiritual Fitness site name … it seemed to be inspired from outside of me, I can’t claim that I thought it all up by myself!  That tends to happen when I connect with Spirit and nature.  Mother Earth has a way of providing the healing and settings for us, if we only stop and take a few moments to allow her in.

      To your happiness!  Thanks and all the best

      Bobby O.

  • Gomer

    I can relate to the theme of the article as I love staring at a horizon of a nearby gulf here in our place either during sunset or sunrise. It connects my mind to the Lord and reminds me of all the providence He has given me. Watching sunsets is truly refreshing, and in fact in one of the articles I’ve read online a couple of days ago, the author said that according to some research, the human brain is wired for rural tranquility. It works better in peaceful places and especially when watching sunsets or sunrises. 

    • admin

      Interesting that the human brain may be wired for rural tranquility!  Mine sure is!! I plan to look that up online.  Nature does bring me back to the Divine and in that connection, I come to that peace within.

      All the best, Bobby O.

  • Aly

    You have collected a lot of beautiful photos of sunsets! The daily dose of majestic skies are the perfect opportunity to pause for a glimpse of natural beauty. I used to live in a very large city and from my 1st floor apartment or 3rd floor office, I was rarely able to see sunsets (or sunrise, or much of the sky at all). I do love the bustle and excitement of the city life, but it’s hard to compete with the beauty of a colorful sunset that you can enjoy in a smaller town.

    • admin

      Thanks Aly!  Yes, I’ve found there are neat things everywhere, from the hustle and bustle of the city, complete with the energy and interaction, to the quiet and calming peace found in nature.   I’ve found I need both … that energy and bustle when I am in community with others, and that thoughtful, reflecting, peaceful time in the majestic beauty of nature and sunsets.    May your life be filled with both!

      Bobby O.

  • Linda Cooper

    I call the endless array of stunning sunsets and sunrises, nature’s art gallery. I too find them endlessly fascinating and marvel how different each one is.

    You are right, it does do something to each person that views one and takes the time to pause a moment and really enjoy it. The peace and the pure uplifting pleasure they give are amazing. For me, it makes me realise we are all connected, any sense of separation is learned behaviour.

    I believe that if only more people could take a little time out of their day, to enjoy such scenes, there would be a massive reduction is stress related problems and illnesses.

    Thank you, I really enjoyed the post and the beautiful photographs. Have shared for others to enjoy on FB, Pinterest and twitter.

    • admin

      thanks Linda!  Yes in nature I often feel connected with Spirit and the divinity in everyone else.  It just takes a moment … and the resulting benefits would be a huge reduction in stress and illnesses!  Thanks for sharing with others, enjoy all the blogs! 

      Bobby O.

  • gr8megawinner

    you have hit the nail right on its head, yes everyone yearns for something divine, peace, which makes our spirit soar and expresses unexpressed gratitude within. Your photos have a similar subject to mine. I always go to the corniche by sea and in front of me is the beige solid rock mountain bellowing a blue sky and the aquamarine Gulf of Oman. A thing of beauty is a joy forever said a famous poet and I agree. Thank you for your refreshing article that gives wonderful insight. We tend to forget how blessed we are. So next time I would go and witness the canvas of the majesty of nature and life itself more than ever. 

    • admin

      I bet there is some spectacular scenery with the aquamarine Gulf of Oman.  I enjoy conversing with and connecting with people from all over the world.  Beneath all the politics, posturing, fighting, and issues, we all are so similar and yearn for that connection with the Divine, that peace within, which makes our spirit soar!  Those are your words, thanks!

      All the best, Bobby O. 

  • Henry

    Hi! I have liked all the pictures of Lake Kerr. But the first one, with that display of yellow, oranges and red, and the fact that it was taken right after the storm, makes it the best! I stayed gazing at it for a while. Peace within. How great is all this that surrounds us. Thank you for this post!

    • admin

      Henry, you are welcome! The posts help me too when I get down, feeling sorry for myself …. then I read a few of these and back comes the inspiration, motivation, and the peace within.  The gratitude you speak of is infectious and appreciated! 

      peace within, Bobby O.

  • akborm

    hi there!
    Wow!! This is ao amazing. Lovely to see. And this is a great feeling to see the sunset. I also travel sometimes to see the sun rising and sunset specially to the ocean bank. And seeing sunset after a storm is mindblowing as you mentioned here. Naturally the weather wear a beautiful look after a storm. You have shared some amazing pictures of sunset here. This just blown my mind. I liked the Sunset on Lake Kerr in Florida most.

    • admin

      Thanks for the kind words!  Yes the sunset touches us no matter where we are in the world.  What ocean bank do you go to view the sun rise or sunset? 

  • Patrick

    I loved the pictures you posted. I have enjoyed watching sunsets since I was a child. They immediately create spaciousness within me that is filled with a connection to Spirit.


    • admin

      Yes!!! They are magical for me too.
      Bobby O.

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