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I’ve been using the Hemi-Sync meditations for a few years now, and I find them very effective. I often go to a place of deep peace within, and come out of my morning sessions passionate and ready to take on life. While most reviews are very positive to the experience, a few reviews say the binaural technology doesn’t work. Yet I’ve had great results with it on most days.

I’ll admit though …. there have been a few days when it’s just not quite as effective …. and I’m the issue each time!  Let’s explore that, and I’m hoping that this review will help you to optimize your meditation experiences with Hemi-Sync and binaural technology.

And yes, I am an affiliate marketer with the company, but wanted to share some insights because some days the technology is less effective, while other days I go to that wonderful, deep place of peace within!!

Quick Review — missing the “train”

As a review, the use of binaural frequency beats is what allows the human brain to lock onto the “delta” of the two different frequencies that we hear. By locking on or “entraining” our brains to start operating at this slow frequency (10 Hz or so), our brains simply switch to idle and give us a break from that constant mind chatter of “solving this, got to do that, need to do these tasks”, and other “to-do list” items. Our brains race around with 25 or 30 thoughts/activity per second, no wonder we get tired and exhausted!! The binaural beats slows our brains down to 10 activities per second or so, which places us in a deep meditative state and leads to pure bliss.

Oh, that’s IF we lock on and entrain our brains! If we miss that “train” (pun intended), are minds can be left stewing and thinking and worrying with no entraining taking place at all! We not only miss the deep meditative state, we are left in anxiety.

Binaural beats alone

I really enjoy the guitar and music, and it is possible to download stand-alone binaural beat frequencies and listen to just that track. I have found it quite boring and my mind starts to race around and never entrains to the delta in the beat frequency.

Perhaps in some studies that say it doesn’t work, they are missing a key element of the meditations that I have found to be very effective. All the Hemi-Sync products have other tracks in addition to the binaural frequency beat, such as white noise, music, a guided meditation, and other cool technologies. I do not recommend these beats all by themselves.

Locking on and Entraining the brain

For effectiveness, your brain must be able to be “entrained” by locking onto the delta beat frequency. Typically the delta starts at a higher frequency, such as 20Hz, and then gently guides you down to 10Hz, where you are in a deep meditative state.

I have found that caffeine, chaotic thinking, and being really upset can so dominant the mind that the brain never is “entrained” and thus does not slow down to the delta beat frequency. In this manner the mind is left stewing and the deep relaxation never happens .

So avoid foods and drinks that can get you all wired up, as these will affect your ability to entrain the brain.

Our brains must be in a state receptive enough to lock onto the “entraining”, or the technology will be less effective.

Exercise, short hike, listen to music

I have found that if I do some exercise, such as a short hike, gentle stretching, some yoga poses, or tai-chi, my mind and body start to relax so that I become more receptive to the binaural beat technology. The technology works very well when we are receptive to it.

On very few occasions, I have been so upset or consumed by something that the technology didn’t work. A short hike solved that, and then the entraining took place with a deep meditation. Also, listening to some of your favorite, relaxing music for a short time can also bring the human mind down to a place where the entraining will now be optimized.

I’ve also found that if I listen to the meditation while out in nature hiking, that can be very effective as well. I don’t recommend anything strenuous, or in a place that requires lots of mental attention, but a gentle hike or walk in an uncrowded area can be very beneficial and provide a synergy with the meditation.

Time of Day – morning works best for me

The best time of the day for me to use the technology is the very first thing in the morning! I set the alarm clock early, and most days I eagerly look forward to my morning meditation. Yes, I lose a little of sleep, but I gain energy, passion and excitement for my day when I launch from that deep place within.

So I spread out my futon mat, lay down, put pillows under my knees and head, and then put in my Airpods to listen to the meditation track. I have found that when I listen from my bed, I often fall back asleep! So I get out of bed, onto the floor and the comfortable futon, but in a reclined position to maximize my relaxation. In the winter I cover up with a blanket, and the meditation is very effective.


The binaural beat technology really works from my experience, but it is very important to be in a receptive mode so that we can lock on and entrain our brains. If we enter into the meditation with too much stress or mental activity, we may miss the boat! or the train … or the whole point of this meditative technology!!

Click image to go deep within!


Go to that deep place within! When we humans do that regularly, are minds start to slow down in daily life, and we can live with a renewed vigor and energy.


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