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Affiliate Marketing?!?! 

So Bobby O, the spiritual fitness is very important, but jeez … it would be much easier if I had a few extra bucks to live on. It’s tough to focus on the spiritual when you’re struggling to pay bills.

I understand. I went from a very successful engineering career, making plenty of money to allow my family to live in beautiful homes, always had vehicles, sent the 2 kids to college, and available income to buy what we needed. The stock options career that followed made some money but didn’t pay the bills, and now I am restarting my business from scratch with very little money to keep going on. I have chosen Wealthy Affiliate as my digital website creation application and money making approach. The training is in-depth, easy to understand even if you are not a technologist,  they have created a very supportive environment that actually rewards its members for helping each other, and the shared abundance model is the epitome of wealth sharing. You can be successful using this suite of tools, training, and community support as well.

Turning your interests and passions into income — all from home!

Let’s explore! Spread your knowledge and uplift others. If you want you can sign up here.

Website creation has gotten easy

In the past, website creation was very difficult. Here are a view lines of page source from the website that is in the link above.

Typical underlying HTTP code – thank God we don’t have to know this!

Luckily we no longer have to learn and know how to code with that very basic language called HTTP. Instead, Wealthy Affiliate uses WordPress, which is an industry standard website development tool that makes it far easier to generate web sites. No coding necessary! Then on top of that we leverage themes, which makes it so that you are designing the layout and contents of you’re site, and the code is already done for you! I created my website in about 25 minutes following the Wealthy Affiliate training. You can too!

I have found that much of the basic website development is automated now, so that you focus on the layout, the marketing and the message you want to bring to your viewers. Gone are the days of laborious coding.

However, I’ve also used GoDaddy and I looked at a couple of others to generate my website, and I have found that although web sites can be quickly created, it is difficult to generate income from that great website. How do you add the pieces to make money? This is where Wealthy Affiliate shines. You will learn in a layer by layer approach how to put together great content for your viewers, get your site ranked with Search Engine Optimization, keywords, and other cool approaches, and start generating an income around the clock.

WealthyAffiliate – Unparalleled training

Why do I like this so much? In a word: training! It’s easy to get started and use. The training will get you up and running quickly, complete with you’re own website. In fact, you can build 25 of them for free, and then another 25 with the premium package for a total of 50 web sites. I have already created a few, and I am using one for testing out new technology before I use it on my main site.

The training is very comprehensive. Everything from building the site, firing up you’re Search Engine Optimizer for ranking, affiliate marketing links, adding blogs, pictures, email lists generation concepts, marketing concepts and tools, ads, keyword searches, and everything you need to be successful.

What I really like is the step by step process of learning that enables me to use up to 50 different methods to generate money and income. I intend to focus on about 10 of these to start, and then build from there to leverage as much as I can.

Work from home, full time or part-time

The beauty of doing affiliate marketing is that you set you’re own hours, become you’re own boss. Everything can be done anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection … that’s it! Some members actually travel around the country and world in an RV, making money 24×7! I started my website in Colorado, decided to live on a Yoga Ashram in Florida for a while, and have been building my website all along.

Another advantage of this approach is that it can be done on a part-time basis, or if you start generating enough income on a full time basis. Many of the members here have been able to retire or quit from their Corporate America job, and then build a profitable business via this approach. I got laid off from Corporate America, and now I am creating my own business from where ever I am living! The Internet provides many new avenues to create wealth. Wealthy Affiliates gives you the tools to be a part of this revolution.

50 ways to make money from Your website

There are many ways to generate income from you’re website. Most people understand that you can sell items, and I intend to sell meditation MP3s, videos, ecourses, eBooks, and regular books that will uplift others. However, that is just 5 ways to generate income.

There are billions of dollars being exchanged across the internet right now, as you are reading this! There are projections of over $3.5Trillion dollars being made over the next few years. Affiliate marketing allows you to link to and sell other people’s products, and then you get a cut off of the profits. Amazon and the many other businesses will all give you money if you help sell their products. The Wealthy Affiliate training shows how to do this and get it set up. There are many other businesses that I will be promoting on my website as well, with products that have worked for me, such as meditations and online courses. Why not make some extra money on products you believe in? Its all very doable with this training and approach.  All you need is a web site and the training.

Two more items: you will be earning money while you sleep; and there are 4 billion users on the internet now = huge opportunities.

Think about those for a minute. No longer do you have to go into a job, work your 8 to 10 hours, for a boss you don’t necessarily like, and get paid just when you are working. Now at night, you may be able to rake in hundreds of dollars while you sleep.  In a standard job you are never able to leverage your time, you only get paid while you are working.

The second item relates to the fact that there are so many people out there on the internet.  You just have to get you’re niche (your passion, interest or concept) up in the rankings to enjoy success. If only a tiny fraction of 1% of the internet users find their way to your site, you can become very profitable. The potential is there with say just 0.004% of the total traffic to have well over 100,000 visitors and users coming to you’re website. There is stunning leverage possible with this approach. Find your passion and go with it!

Try it for free – pay for more as you go

If you click on the link above or the one in the last paragraph, you will be taken to the wealthy affiliate marketing link that will enable you to quickly set up a free website. In fact, you get 25 free websites! In order to really make money from you’re website, I highly recommend going to premium. There is a first month charge of $19, then a monthly charge of $49, or you can lower that to $29/month for a yearly membership. I’ve found all the training is available for this price, they don’t keep getting you for more and more dollars each time you take a class. I also signed up for the JAAXY keyword search tool, which really helps get you’re content indexed higher.

So for roughly $29+$19= $48 per month, you can have 25 websites and the fantastic training. You may choose to add additional tools such as email list servers, video storage, payment services that integrate wonderfully with this suite of website tools, and other small items such as domain names. For me, this is an amazingly low rate compared to the many thousands of dollars that you can potentially generate through you’re website and the training.

So start free, and add as you go and only if it makes sense to you. The key fundamental I have experienced is that each training module layers more tools, services, and concepts to the previous ones, and in a short time you can have some advanced website features implemented and working for you’re income.

My Intention – 6 to 7 digit income

There are all kinds of people promising easy ways to get rich fast. This is not one of them. I do believe that with a methodical approach, with lots of training, a great support community, and you’re passion and interests, it is possible to make a few hundred bucks extra per month to many thousands.

For me, I am I creating my business around the Wealthy Affiliate approach. First, I truly want to help uplift many people to find that inner peace I have been able to find.  With that concept to uplift millions, my intent is to make over $100,000 per year in the coming years, with an upwards goal of $1M plus with all revenue.  I am leveraging my passions in spiritual fitness to uplift others, and finances is just one of those avenues to success. The really cool thing about the WA approach is that it is a shared abundance model, in that we all benefit from each other signing up and joining in the community, not just a couple of guys at the top. The page below will open up if you click on the link or the image for you to get started.  Note that is just a view of the page … so click the image or the link below to get started making your money!

So try it out for free. Here is the link again. Sign up here!

To your success! Spiritual Fitness brings financial fitness.  When we operate from a spiritually fit state, our finances WILL improve. Financial fitness does make it easier to put more time into our spiritual fitness.  Start with Spiritual Fitness, and they feed each other.  Live life!

Bobby O.

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