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I’m currently living in Titusville, right next to the Kennedy Space Center. With SpaceX (Elon Musk’s space company) ramping up numerous projects, there are launches in the vicinity a few times a month. I’ve written numerous blogs on running along the ocean at the PlayaLinda beach, and that beach is just North of the Kennedy Space Center. Many of the rocket launches are at night or early in the morning when the beach is closed, but they just had one that had a launch time of 6:51 pm.

Perfect I thought … go on out to the ocean, get a good spot right down where they block the beach off from continuing south onto the Space Center, and enjoy the rocket show. Get ready for a spectacular liftoff! These rockets really fill the sky and can be seen from all over Titusville and the surrounding communities.

Usually empty portion of the PlayaLinda beach …

Since the beach was open during the scheduled launch time, many other people decided to take in the show as well. The normally empty beach was humming with people, energy and excitement.

Get really close, right?!?!?!

I get to the beach, and there are 13 parking lots, with lot 1 the closest to the Kennedy Space Center, and lot 13 about 6 miles to the north. I find a spot in lot 3, which is about a 1/2 mile to the north, and decide to walk down as far as I could to the south. That way I would be closest to the launch, and we want to go toward the rocket launch, right?!?!

Hundreds of excited people flock to the same beach just before the rocket launch

Hundreds of people flock to the beach and accumulate near the point where the park rangers would not let us go any further to the south. That line of people is the closest you can get to the rocket launch site.

Looking at the picture above, I circled where the rocket was going to be launched. I saw a guy with a 600mm lens on his camera (that is huge, by the way!) and he looked like a professional. He had stopped right about where I took the picture above, and set up his tripod. He said from the beach we can’t see the actual launch, but it would come up right over the sandy grassy beach dune.

Those dunes rise up about 20 feet or so, and it is the home of the giant sea turtles. The forest service does a lot of work protecting the sea turtles, as they are becoming an endangered species. The 25 miles along the Cape Canaveral seashore is protected and you are not allowed to go on those grassy dunes. Many turtles live, mate and return to these grassy dunes year after year. In that manner they have a natural habitat that protects these turtles.

Where I circled in blue in the picture above is an empty launch pad with a white electrical lightning rod attached to it. The actual rocket “launch” was to be somewhere behind that black tower with the white lightning rod above it. I decided that being as close as possible with the “crowd” wasn’t the best viewing. I’m moving to higher ground!

The grassy dunes actually blocked more and more of the view of the launch as I went down the beach. It was quickly apparent that moving further back but up would be a better all around experience, especially since I hadn’t ever done this before. As in life, sometimes its best to let go, move away or back from a situation, find that higher ground and enjoy life!

Move away but to Higher Ground!

Higher ground! That is the key! So I move back to the access bridge around parking lot 3, and find a spot on the bridge with the view below. Much better for liftoff!

Approximate launch area circled in light blue … much better view for the launch!

The access bridge goes up and over the sandy, grassy, bushy dunes, and that spot seemed to have an excellent view. Others joined me up there, and it was fun talking with a family that had 2 college kids there. The son was in aeronautical engineering, while the daughter was in biomedical pre-med.

The excitement was thick, and after a brief delay, the launch is set for 5 minutes! I could feel the energy and excitement building within the crowd that had now gathered on the bridge. I’ve found that these community events are a joy to participate in, and all who do tend to have their spirits and energies lifted.

Lift off!

The countdown is close. People start talking louder and with more energy. I take a video, practicing moving the camera up and down so I can capture the liftoff. Enjoy!! The liftoff is about 34 seconds into the 2:30 minute video below.


As the rocket takes off, there is a tremendous roar and vibration that can be felt for miles around. Its as though a giant train engine just came down your street! The visual is spectacular, and then feeling the raw power, energy, vibrations and sound all add to the “wow” experience.

Fear keeps you bound; serenity uplifts – to your potential!

As usual, all my blogs get me thinking …. there is so much fear, anxiety and worry in this world. Us humans tend to worry about everything, and thereby keep ourselves tethered to the launch pad. Indeed, they tested the firing of those engines and had the rockets tethered down so that it would not blast off during engine testing the weeks prior to the actual launch. In order for our lives to truly take off, we must let go of the fear, worry, and resentments. They act as tethers to keep our souls from soaring into the heights of Spirit land. We must let go in order to soar. I know they kept me in my alcohol and other addictions, until I was able to break free of those fears and resentments.

Each of us has a mission in life. The best way to fulfill it is to live in a state of joy and happiness. Our energy and Light will uplift others around us. It is necessary to enter into a state of joyous being, and then our light within shines and lights up everyone we interact with. I’ve found my life is so much better, and everyone around me lights up when I live in that joyous, peaceful state within.


I attended a Gabrielle Bernstein webinar this weekend, and it has inspired me to blast out of my tethers and become my best self. I pre-ordered her latest book “Super Attractor“, which has the tag line “Methods for Manifesting a Life beyond my Wildest Dreams”. With any of the products I recommend or talk about, I get a small affiliate percentage, but I only will add things I know worked for me in any of my blogs. 

The webinar went for 2 hours, but it felt like a few minutes. Already today, I started out with 2 different meditations. I’m finishing this blog that I started and stopped last week … I’m energized. How often do we get going on a project and then life throws things at us, we get distracted and then it takes so much more energy to get going again?!?!

Gabby has written many other books, and the Universe Has Your Back has been very effective for me too. I plan to use the 2 books together in my work and study in the coming months.

Commit … a powerful word that requires action! Just like once the launch has been committed, the countdown begins, and at zero, the rocket takes off. Ready or not! There may be small imperfections, or things not quite perfect, but the launch will only be scrapped or delayed for serious issues. Then its full speed ahead, rockets blasting, into the Higher plane.

I’ve scrapped my own personal “rocket launch” mission in the past, many times over silly, small things, but because I might make a mistake, or be labeled, or have fear, or ….. I’m learning to just “go for it”, commit, blast off, shine my light, and live in that powerful state of joy and peace within so that everyone around me gets uplifted in the process.

I’m committing to blasting into my higher plane …. how about you? Is fear holding you down? Let go and share some of your wisdom and thoughts below in the comments, as we get spiritually fit together.

3, 2, 1 …. blast off!

All the best, namaste,

Bobby O.

    14 replies to "Lift off!!! [Rocket into your Spiritual Realm!]"

  • Jagi

    I enjoyed reading your experience of watching the takeoff. It’s incredible how strangers come to come together, enjoying the same thing as you do.

    What I really like was how you combined your experience into learning about your self. I am going to buy the book the Universe Has Your Back. It seems like an exciting read. Fear is definitely what keeps people tied to their way of living. 

    Just one question, since you live so close, how noisy does it get?

    • admin

      Thanks Jagi, yes you can hear the rocket launches all over town.  However they only have 2 to 4 per month, so it remains exciting and accepted versus an airport or something that flies on a continual basis.  May you lift up to success.  Stay fit!

  • RoDarrick

    Wow! Such a very sensitive content you have weaved around a sensitive discourse concerning fear and getting started by making an analogy with a rocket launching. I really enjoyed reading this post because it comes at such a crucial area of my life. I need something to uplift me to the next level from all the fearful thoughts that are delaying my progress. I know I should be at the next level but then, I’m just getting limited by fear. This post has inspired me a lot. Thanks

    • admin

      thanks RoDarrick!  Yes, I’ve found that for each new level we get to in life, its so easy to get comfortable and just stop there.  For me, life is a series of progressive rocket launches, shedding and letting go of the fears, resentments and worries that like to keep us on whatever level we are currently at.  Then onto the next launch! 

      Make me wonder why us humans like to repeat the cycle over and over …. by getting spiritually fit we can shed these old patterns and continue to move forward in life.  

  • Henderson

    Wow, really inspiring post you have written here. Not so many people have the chance to witness a rocket taking off. It’s must be a very awesome site. It is true that most times, we are held down by fear and we choose by ourselves not to take off. I also have my fears and I think I should she’d them so as to take off like the rocket. I think I’ll by the Super Attractor book. Thank you for inspiring me with your story.

    • admin

      Hi Henderson, thanks for the nice reply.  Yes I’ve found that letting go of my fears and resentments opens up a whole world of freshness, vibrancy and passion.  The old recycled fears …. day after day get so old and leave me stuck.   I love analogies in life, and the rocket launch seemed perfect! 

      I love your gravatar!  It seems very spiritual to me …. perhaps shedding the fake masks we all tend to wear, and then letting that inner self shine!   Love it!   I’m looking forward to the Super Attractor book as well, let me know how that works for you.  

      Shine on Henderson!  All the best,

      Bobby O.

  • Nice Gal Nikki

    Hey, very interesting article. I actually never saw a website like this and also never watched a rocket launch off either. I like how you incorporated this rocket launch off into us having fears and worries. I am one that have had bad anxieties and fears. I never had them my whole life but I was recently in a very toxic relationship which ended up giving me some fears and anxieties and I became unsure of myself and even got depressed for awhile. It’s odd because after this relationship ended I was still trying to get this person to love me and want me even though the relationship wasn’t good for me…well my point in saying all of this is that sometimes a certain situation can be the culprit of why we are feeling the way we do…If we can just get out of the situation that’s making us feel this way and feel “stuck” then we will have a much better life and future. We will start feeling better about ourselves too although it may not happen right away..sure didn’t with me its taken a couple months. At times I do start feeling worried and down again but what I do to feel “better” now is I distract myself and get out of the house or call someone or watch something funny on tv… it’s a process..Thanks for sharing this interesting article and some encouraging words as well.

    • admin

      Nikki, thank you for being vulnerable and sharing your life experience.  You lift me up as well, espeically when you have the courage to be vulnerable and then make the changes that are necessary.  I’ve found daily meditations help me to keep those fears away, and help me to heal and recover from past mistakes.  I’ll be adding some meditation practices (general spiritual, not from a particular religion!) that might be of use too.  

      Thanks for interacting Nice Gal Nikki!!! May you find spiritual fitness and live a passionate, deep peace within life.

      Bobby O.

  • Dave Sweney

    Great story and you could not have had a more apt example to ake your point about lifting off and rocketing into your spiritual realm whatever that may be for each of us. I have had the pleasure of having a lot of moments in my life that are memorable (for the right reasons) and ones that have been duds (the rocket blew up!)…

    I think the key is to keep at it, as Elon Musk has done, and do not let the misfires or mishaps slow you down from continuing to reach for the stars (in his case, literally!). I know that is the attitude that I have taken with both victories and defeats. A mountain top is a place you strive to get to, but to really enjoy it you have to do it more than once and using a different path(s)… 

    The video of the liftoff was great, I really felt like I was there and with the story behind the video, you really made a good impression on me. I felt good after reading this article. It was very uplifting (no pun intended) and I will keep on pushing, reaching heights I have only dreamed of…Thanks for the inspiration!  

    • admin

      Thanks Dave, yes the point of these blogs is to uplift other people (pun intended!!).  That consistency and perseverance is so critical to the process, and I found it no difference in the spiritual realm.  Daily practices to stay fit!

  • AmDetermined

    Hi, your post is really helpful as it educated about fear and enxiety that we have and I love the rocket illustration to help us lift up, wscthing the video on your website is exciting, I will be sharing your post on my social media to help my friends and family understand how to overcome fear and anxiety in anything that we want to do.

    • admin

      Thank you and please do share and post .  I’m really motivated to have many more readers and members who want to get spiritually fit and lead passionate lives with that deep peace within.  

  • Wilson

    Ooh, what a great narrative leading up to your message. I really enjoy your style of writing- The anticipation of the launch and the quirky interactions that led up to it… 

    I’ve also found that I “lifted off” in my life when I let go of worries, fears and resentments. Also, moderating my alcohol and drug use has done a lot to un-tether me so to speak. I still go off the rails… but in a controlled way lol. I’ve dabbled in almost every digital business, but I’ve stayed committed the entrepreneurial life style that it brings. I think the next step is to commit to 1 actual project. 
    Good luck on your journey! I really enjoyed this article. 

    • admin

      Thanks Wilson, glad you enjoyed it!  I used to regularly “go off the rails” as you say (lol) but then I found I could never stop going over the rails.  Off  the tracks and stuck … I’m so glad I found this way of spiritual fitness to get me back on track (lol pun intended) and uplift others.    Thanks again for commenting, here’s to your success and to your spiritual fitness!

      Bobby O.

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