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It’s almost always hard to say goodbye. I left the Yoga Ashram last month. I had planned on staying for a year but Spirit and my angel guides strongly suggested that I move on. I’m now living for a month or so in south Florida right by the Kennedy Space center with family. I have come away with new insights and a deeper sense of my own Spirituality. Read on to see why!?!?!

Amrit Yoga Institute in Florida – home for about 4 months

Progressing too Slow

When I’ve come to the Ashram in the past, I had always paid for a program and was immersed in the study, the yoga, the meditations, the lake, and the yoga community. Each and every time I have had a fantastic experience, and highly recommend experiencing what the Ashram has to offer. Each time was a deeply moving spiritual experience where I left in a state of profound spiritual fitness.

Yet I didn’t realize the tremendous amount of work that goes on behind the scenes. Now that I was here as a volunteer to help keep the Ashram running smoothly, I got to see the hard work that went into my previous spiritual experiences. Whoa, lots of time, energy, hard work, effort and diplomacy are involved on a daily basis. Sharing living quarters with others is never as easy as being by myself, yet I’m glad I had the experience of learning from my fellow volunteers.

What quickly became abundantly clear to me was that I didn’t have enough time to work on spreading Spiritual Fitness to the world, and that is the direction I feel called to move towards. My angels and guides were letting me know after the 4 months that it was time to leverage my talents elsewhere and to stay true to my vision. The demands at the Ashram are quite time-consuming, and I was being shown and told that my life mission was being neglected.

What is that vision? To bring Spiritual Fitness to YOUR mindset, and be a driver in the global movement of everyone owning, discussing and living in a spiritually fit state of being … with a deep inner peace.

When I was very young, only top athletes in high school, college and the pros would do physical workouts. It was rare to see a runner/jogger/walker on the streets. Physical fitness was only for a few, select, young people. Here in a nice neighborhood in Florida, every day I see many, many older people out walking, jogging, biking and taking ownership of their physical fitness. What once was an anomaly is now commonplace around the globe.  The same can happen for the spiritual fitness revolution.

The world truly needs to move in a Spiritually fit direction. There is so much division and acrimony out there in our lives, we all need to work on ourselves, come to that deep place of peace within, so we can then reach out and uplift others. That is true spiritual fitness … living in a state of inner calm and a deep peace within.

Community! What I’ll truly miss about the Ashram

The best thing about the Ashram was the people that live there. As a community, most are dedicated to living a spiritually fit lifestyle, with daily yoga, meditations, and spiritual practices built into every facet of their lives. It is a rich and supportive community where all are working on transforming and improving their inner lives.

Of course … where there are people there are conflicts, politics and differences of opinions. Working with others was good work, tough work, hard work, yet it gave me opportunities to grow. The community maintains an open, honest look at everything, and they look upon the daily struggles as jabs to help me grow.

Sunset at Lake Kerr, home of the Amrit Yoga Institute

I will miss the people and the loving community.

True Seva – Giving from the Heart

The work done as a volunteer at the Ashram is called “Seva”. The giving/donating of our time and expertise is known as a “Seva Lifestyle”. When done with a pure intention of giving from the heart for the greater good of the community, I received a gift right back at me. There is a wonderful flow, peace within, happiness, and joy when I gave from my heart and came from that place of calm.

Oh yeah … occasionally I found myself losing my center! I’m thinking .. This is stupid, how could they do it this way, that guy is sure not a disciple as he complains all the time, this sucks …. and I found chaos within.

Yet I started my day with yoga, a meditation, or run along the Florida trail. Those practices brought me back to center, and that peace within. I believe as humans we tend to gravitate toward complaining, finding what is wrong, and moving toward internal chaos. With the daily spiritual practices, I was able to find that calm center again and live from that space.  I was quickly able to move from chaos and back to that spiritually fit center.

My favorite seva task was the lights lining the edge of the dock. See the beautiful nighttime view of the finished product!

LED lights lining the dock at night time. Bringing Light to the Darkness!

Those small lights lining the pier and attached to the pylons was quite an effort. Due to either a lightning stroke or perhaps the wrong power supply (or both), every single one of those LED bulbs was burnt out. It took a lot of investigating to figure out what was wrong. Replacing the bulbs didn’t work either, as the wiring and power supply were not correct.

In the end it took 3 of us …. I was on my blowup paddle board under the dock working on the wiring, and 2 other guys were helping with the lights from on top of the deck. The whole process took us a month as we had to order the bulbs, power supply and just lack of time. The project was never given much of a priority, so I would go out after my regular (non-paying!) shift and work some more on it. Eventually we got it done! I held the vision of a beautiful, safe, lighted walk at night to the end of the pier for all who visited. That was from the heart, Ashram!! Bringing Light to the Darkness lit up my heart!

Swimming with the alligators!

When I look back, my favorite part of the Ashram experience was swimming across the lake and back, knowing that alligators do live in the shrubs and reeds around the lake.  I was fortunate to be able to swim back and forth (about 1 1/2 miles) many times during my stay at the Ashram.

The dock overlooking Lake Kerr

The lake was a challenge, and brought lessons, my favorite blog (check out Stalked by an Alligator?!?!), group yoga, group meditations, and lots of just plain fun hanging out and talking.

I learned the most about myself in the kitchen. That was not particularly my favorite place, as I enjoyed the electrical challenges and working outside the most. Yet I learned to go with the flow, be a part of a team, work under the guidance of the lead chefs (Michelle was my greatest teacher, thank you!!), and face my inner demons while chopping onions. The kitchen provided a powerful teacher during my seva time, and cutting the onions was one of my specialties … I donned the goggles as the onions were so fresh, right off the farm, that it was impossible to cut up even 3 of them without lots of tears.

Cutting onions, yes with goggles, in the kitchen!

The Real Guru is Within!

I went to the Ashram to learn from Gurudev, Yogi Amrit Desai, who is a true spiritual founding father and master. He brought yoga to the West in the 1960s and 1970s, and has over 50 years of leading, teaching and uplifting others. He has pioneered yoga and has brought both Kripalu and Amrit Yoga styles to the US.

Gurudev, the yogi master, giving us a lecture on transformation within

I was listening to one of his lectures, and snapped a quick photo from my seat on the edge of the room.

Over the years, Gurudev has touched my heart and assisted me with transformation. Some of his words and message helped me to overcome alcohol, drug and other addictions. The words he spoke went straight to my heart. He has always taught to connect with the “guru” within, meaning the God/Spirit/Source or Higher Power of your understanding within.

While Gurudev was impactful, I felt that with all my work with Gabby Bernstein, 12 steps, Wayne Dyer, Oprah, Joe Dispenza, my angels and the many other guides I have gotten to learn from, has brought me to a place where I now must give away what I have learned. I must share the joy, happiness and peace within and how I got here. My path is a combination of all of these great spiritual guides. My angels and guides were telling me to get out there and teach, share, and bring Light to the world.  I want you to live with a deep peace within and help me right back to stay on the path.

I am a Lightworker. Many of you are as well. I no longer needed to be in the presence of the Master, Gurudev. Time to move forward, bringing the version of the Light to the world that has truly uplifted and elevated my soul.

Calm lake provided a second reflection of the sun, double the light!

My last day at the Ashram, the lake was amazingly calm. I was able to catch that “double sun”, bringing extra light into my life. It seemed like “Lake Kerr”, with all the wonderful swims, hard work, relaxing, meditating, and internal spiritual work, was thanking me for letting her transform me.

Go in peace Bobby O! Go with the inner calm, placid mind, and joy deep down in the silent waters within. Spiritual Fitness!!!

Please leave a comment below on your spiritual fitness and how you live that today in your world.

Please add your thoughts, questions, insights and how this blog spoke to you in the comments below.    My goal is to be a driver for a spiritual fitness global movement, and I need your help.  Your comments inspire that journey!! 

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    What a beautiful experience! Big hugs –

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