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I used to think that “home” was where I lived. That nice house, with the family, the dog, two children, the beautiful wife, and a good income. Yes that was wonderful, and I am grateful for that.

But even in the midst of a beautiful home, there was internal chaos. I’ve always had demons, and they would unsettle me just enough to take away from a deep peace within. So the outward signs and trappings were all there, but the inner peace was missing.

I’ve come to see in life that the deep inner peace is the “real Home”. I’ve found a path that takes me “home”.

The House

Yes, it is important to have a place to call “home”, a roof over our head. Without it, life is a scramble. We got to have our basic needs met such as food, shelter, and clothing in order to find peace within. However, we often mistakenly believe that the big, beautiful house will bring that, and it won’t. It doesn’t.

My daughter in our backyard 25 years ago

So strive to build your beautiful house, work hard, make money and know that you have a roof over your head. Just remember that the house does not make a home. Home can only be found within.

Children and Pets

Often our children and pets give us the glimpse and the insight into what “home” is all about. Many times when my kids were growing up, I would be totally in the moment with them. Ah .. That was “home”. At other times I wasn’t present, and missed out on being home. I would be planning work activities, or my next workout, or issues facing me at that moment. Funny I don’t remember most of them now …

AdamTamara in backyard
My two children getting their pictures taken in the backyard when they were young

Pets can bring us “home”! Our dog Willie was always fully “on”, giving unconditional love. Occasionally the cat would come snuggle and offer his kind of love. There was a definite peace within when I connected with these animals. They provide a gateway to that peace within.

My daughter with our beloved dog “Willie”. He died many years ago, but remembering him still brings that peace within, joy in my heart, and a smile on my face.

Significant other, friends

One of the craziest myths in our society today is that our significant other will complete us and make us whole. That surely will give us that deep peace we think. We dream of that wedding day, and just know that it will bring that deep peace within, happiness, and total love.

Yes, I have found that my former wife and others brought me great joy. They helped to rocket me into amazing accomplishments. I had a deep love for my wife and another woman that was my significant other.

The wonderful home , with the wooded backyard, my lovely former wife ….


Yet, that does not bring a deep peace within. Love and relationships are tough work. We must do the work and continue to do the work … both parties in the relationship … in order to find that peace within. Our significant other surely can help us along the path, be an inspiration, hold us accountable, and motivate us to stay our course. The truth be told, this is an inside job!

Addictions take it all away; Spirit brings it back

I’ve turned to addictions to go “home”. Alcohol, drugs, and sex …. my goal was to remove the feelings, remove the pain, and then I would be whole. All addictions work for a little while, or we wouldn’t get hooked on them. I found that alcohol did allow me to get blown away, and I didn’t feel. But the catch is I didn’t feel peace either.

Addictions numb us out, and temporarily give us the illusion of peace within. What actually is happening is that we are slowly (or sometimes quickly) bringing chaos, heartbreak and misery into our lives. I’ve ruined wonderful relationships with the woman in my life, all due to my relentless pursuit of that deep peace within through escaping life. Oh, it didn’t work.

I’ve definitely found a path to that deep inner peace. We’ve got to clear out room, create spaciousness, and let that Spirit come flying in to supercharge our lives and bring happiness.

Find that deep peace inside — Your home! Wherever you are!

Want to be “home” wherever you are in life? There is a path “home”.  It takes two different steps … first clear out all the “crap” inside you, which creates spaciousness, then second let that Spirit entity come rushing in.  It works!  It really does!!

Now please don’t get hung up on the naming and identifying of this power and happiness source.  Call it Source, Spirit, Buddha, Krishna, Allah, Satenam, God, Jesus, or whatever “name” works for you. So often with modern religions we are in a battle to be “right”, and we have the “Truth” and nobody else does. Then what happens is that in having to be right, we lose that peace within. I just refer to Spirit and please translate to the “Source of your understanding”.

I’ve come to a mindset that the religions are like having multiple children.  Each is different.  I had 2 kids, both very different, and both have chosen different paths through life. I love them both unconditionally. I don’t care what they choose in life, but I deeply care that they find happiness and peace within. I believe that Spirit sees the various religions as different children, and blesses all paths to a peace within.

From lots of trying and failing, I have found that we humans really have to do 2 things to find a deep peace within.

First, we must create a spaciousness within. That sounds easy but takes a lot of work. We get there by doing the following: realizing we just can’t find that happiness all by ourselves; then realizing we’ve tried lots of crazy ways to get there that didn’t work; releasing our fears and resentments;  letting go and reprogramming those defects that fire up when we are triggered; and making amends to others. All that work, letting go and clearing out creates a huge spaciousness for Spirit to come rushing in.

So the second part of the process is to let that Spirit entity come rushing in!! There are wonderful meditations and daily spiritual practices that allow Spirit to enter your life.  Get lit up, live life, and find that deep inner peace. From that state, amazing will happen in your life.

Create spaciousness, let Spirit in. That is the recipe! Live a happy, serene and passionate life …. That always follows these 2 action items.

Keep on Growing

I’ve found that deep inner peace after nearly dying from alcohol and drugs.

I will be adding many tools on this website to assist all who enter here with this process.  Its well worth the effort!

I will be writing books as well, including how to supercharge your religion.

May you discover and live the process to be “home” wherever you are!!

Bobby O.





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