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I was out for a hike and suddenly I see a path beyond a lake to this enormous cell tower. I decided to follow it on over to the tower. This tower was gigantic and made out of cement, since it is built in the middle of the hurricane zone on the coast of Florida. It has to be one of the largest, strongest cement cell towers on the planet!!!

Fortified cell tower in Florida; built to withstand hurricanes

I am guessing it may be 200 to 300 ft tall. The structure was designed to withstand even the most powerful hurricanes that seem to be formulating much more often these days.

It is a massive cement structure with lots of swamp land all around it. Its amazing that it can stand at all in the swampy area. But it does and has been through multiple hurricanes over the past few years. Right beside it below the levee and path I walked is an algae filled, stagnated waterway that meanders through the swamp land .

Swamp and algae filled land beside the cell tower

The specifications on that tower predict it will withstand winds up to a Category 5 storm of over 155 MPH sustained winds. It is built to survive tornadoes as well, as those often form in the midst of the hurricane. However, a direct F5 tornado strike would damage the reinforced concrete structure.

How do the cell towers actually work?

I worked as an engineer for Verizon (please don’t hold that against me if you don’t like them, the company needs to gain some spiritual fitness in my opinion!!) for many years and understand all the workings behind that behemoth. The cell towers are very tall in Florida since there are no natural mountains, hills or high terrain to place the antennas on. Cell antennas must have a direct line of sight to the cell phones for proper operation, so that is why the towers are always placed high so that the signals get back and forth to the cell phones.  Trees, bushes, buildings, and natural objects can obstruct the usable area of a cell tower.

Gigantic cement cell tower with multiple antenna stacks

The white rectangular shaped pieces are the antennas that your cell phone connects with. They transmit the signals to and receive from the cell phone. The more of those white rectangles you see, the greater the number of simultaneous calls and texts that can be supported through the tower. For this magnificent tower, many, many calls are possible. With the height, power and white antenna density, the tower is a major hub in the region.


Those white rectangles receive and transmit the digital packets (a stream of 1’s and 0’s that are modulated to high frequencies for those white rectangles!) from your phone that represent your voice, texts, videos and any other information you receive on your cell phone. All the information is actually just a bunch of packets that are transmitted back and forth. Then all of this connects to a fiber optic cable, that then connects through the ground networks (and microwave networks) to the big Internet.

So all of our communications are actually going over a tiny, small piece of glass fiber with a light shining down the middle of it! One small glass fiber with one light shining down it can support an entire community of calls, videos, your texts, social media, and anything else you can do with your cell phone! Fiber Optic glass is an amazing technology that has truly changed our lives. Through a ribbon of fiber optic glass tubes, we communicate around the world.  My former significant other was a master fiber optic splicer, connecting these sites together.  She enjoyed that job!

Connecting with others

Working in Corporate America was very difficult, stressful and often lacking in the “Spiritual”. The one thing I did enjoy is the fact that by doing the work that my team and I did, many people could connect and communicate with others all over the world. We were actually able to help others “communicate”. See that picture of your baby’s/grandchild’s first steps, the wedding, the calls to family and friends … all made possible with this technology. Despite the stress and issues of working for a top Corporate America institution, the net effect is people could connect with each other and enrich their lives.

I got to thinking “am I operating as a powerful cell tower with fiber optic cables?”, helping others to enrich their lives and uplift their experiences? When I get spiritually fit, by regularly meditating, exercising, eating right, connecting with others, and doing my daily spiritual practices …. then yes, I become a powerful cell tower! When I’m not, when I get depressed and in my “poor Bobby” mode, I’m no longer connecting. Actually, I start to disconnect from life and am no longer a conduit for bringing happiness and light to others.

Prepared for the Hurricanes in your life?

I’ve found that we all have events and people that enter our lives that are analogous to a “hurricane”. Whether it is poor health or financial strain, loss of a job or that boss, others in your lives, deaths and illness, and anything else life throws at you … when it hits we must already be filled up. Similarly to the cement cell tower, when I get spiritually fit I can withstand those life storms. Remember, all of those storms do pass, and then the sun comes out again.

We humans can be totally derailed when the “hurricanes” hit. For me, my cell tower was made of weak metal, and when the big storms came along, I hit the “bottle” and alcohol took over … my cell tower came crashing to the earth. Alcohol and drugs were my thing, but it could be depression, sickness, lack of energy, overeating, gambling, under eating, stressing, buying stuff, just being miserable and feeling like a victim. It doesn’t matter the way we try to cope, all of these are destructive and take away our happiness.

From my experience, hurricanes will appear in our lives. Are you ready for them? Be prepared.

Lighting up the planet!

I love analogies, and the gigantic, solid concrete cell tower provided me an important life lesson.

Cell towers and the light in the fiber optic cables connect us all over the internet to the entire world! Amazing how it all works. I find that in my life, when I’ve constructed my hardy cement cell tower, complete with fiber optic connections, life is a dance. I am happy, fulfilled and live in an underlying state of joy. When the hurricanes come, I batten down the hatches, go within, whether the storm, then come out spreading the light. I construct these tools with my daily spiritual practices. I build a solid core that lives in passion, joy and love. I meditate, journal, connect with others, exercise, read, and go to that deep place within. I’m home.

Join me in being spiritually fit! Let’s light up ourselves, each other, and then spread our light to the planet!

Be the solid cell tower!

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