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I’m living in Titusville, Florida, at this time, and hurricane Dorian is swinging up the coast. Fortunately for central Florida, the eye of Dorian stayed offshore, and the storm swiped along the coast without a brutal direct hit. But the swiping will cause a lot of wind and a few days of rain here. The farthest out rain bands of the hurricane were hitting us, while Dorian was demolishing the Bahamas, so I thought I’d try to time the rain bands and get out for a bike ride. It was a wild adventure, and I was able to turn it into a wonderful moving meditation. Join me for my first ever hurricane bike ride!

Timing the Rain Bands

The 6-hour radar for Titusville and Florida is shown below. I captured the time before, during and after my ride, so you can see what Mother Nature had planned for me!

Radar before, during and after the bike ride

I centered the radar on Hurricane Dorian, and the blue dot is actually Titusville, FL. However, I launched the bike ride just north of there in a little town named Mims,  the paved over old railroad track heads due north, and then eventually curls over to the west to Orlando, then on to Tampa Bay. The trail is called the coast-to-coast trail, and we are headed north for this ride.

Since Dorian and her eye are still south of here in the Bahamas, the winds are going very strongly from east to west, and that is right to left as you can see. When riding a bike, the crosswinds are easier than riding into a headwind, although the strong gusts can be tricky. I decide around nine to make the journey, and ride for a couple of hours.

Into the Adventure

I launch at 9:45 am. The timing is really good, as I start out with overcast skies and ride into the sunshine! The crazy thing about these outer bands with hurricanes is that these storms are intermittent, as can be seen in the radar. They are all following the east to west (right to left) flow in the storm, and they can come up very quickly. If you stop the radar at different points, you will see that the outer bands are treating me kindly for the first half of the ride. The trail goes along swamp land and has no traffic, so it is a delight to ride.

Paved over railroad track that meanders north/south for many miles that forms the bike path

I hit the turnaround point, and about 1 hour up the trail. All is well. Now heading back and I notice I am hammering away in the 2nd chain ring and the 2nd free ring gear …. or gear 22! That is my angel number for creation! That gear felt the best in the powerful cross winds so I pedaled with that most of the way. Spiritual signs come in the most unusual ways, I laughed and gained power and inspiration after I noticed that!

The gearing of my Yeti bike … chain ring 2, free ring 2, for gear 22 … my angel number for creating and a wonderful spiritual sign for me.

I’m doing my spiritual moving meditation now …. I focus on breathing, then gratitude, then I just listen to what comes to me. Spirit and my angels implant ideas, thoughts, and peace within. I’m gliding and moving in the Flow. What a joy!

My bike ride is on a fat tire Mt. Bike called a “Yeti”, since my racing bike is in storage in Colorado. Thus the speeds are not great, but I’m in the flow and enjoying the 25-mile ride or so. With about 2.5 miles left to go, I see a sign for the White Sands Buddhist Center off to my left. Now I have done that before, and that will be another blog, but I decided to take a short break and go feel the spiritual power and peace at the center. Its now about 11:20 am.

Buddhist Center Excursion

The trail mainly goes through swamp land, but along the way there are numerous interesting adventures, but my favorite is the White Sands Buddhist Center. It is like a beautiful oasis in the middle of the jungle. I pull off today to see the giant Buddha statue … a 35-foot-high sculpture that is stunning.

Giant Buddha statue at the White Sands Buddhist Center just off the paved trail

The eyes of that Buddha statue peer down and seem to light up my soul when I stare into it. I’m not a Buddhist, but I feel the powerful energy and peace that seems to flow in that place.

Suddenly, a very small Vietnamese woman comes out, wearing a flowing robe and large sun hat, and she points up and says “the hurricane is coming”!. The sunny skies had blackened, and I’m 2.5 miles down the road. I thanked her and hopped back onto the trail.


OK, I’m back riding on the trail and still have the 2.0 miles to go when that dark band of hurricane clouds and I meet. Wow, what an amazing downpour. Now I’m used to rain in Colorado, where the water is about 37 degrees and freezing cold, but this rain was more like 75 to 80 degrees. It actually was refreshing. I’m enjoying the rain, as while the temperature is probably 85 degrees here, the humidity is close to 100%!

I am absolutely drenched from head to toe. I am loving it. I have this deep peace within. The rain is cooling and I hammer even harder those last 2 miles. I’m actually glad I got caught in this storm … no lightning, just refreshing, cleansing rain. I’ve got this inner peace, everything feels good inside, and I am connected to Spirit! Moving meditations on adventures like these make me alive, connected, and with a peace within.

Back at the car … I made it. I had to take a couple of selfies for the record! Notice the dark band from the hurricane in the skies on that second one.

Drenched at the finish and happy!

By the way, I’ve found that Bell helmet to really work in the hot, muggy Florida weather.  It is super lightweight and those air foils really help the flow of air to go through and keep your head cool.  The link is here, or click either of the pictures above or below to go to Amazon.  I get a small affiliate fee but no added cost to you, and they have women’s models as well.  Wear your helmet please, and get a really lightweight and super air flow one or you’ll end up being miserable or leaving the helmet behind.

I thought I went swimming instead of bike riding at the finish …notice the dark hurricane band of clouds in the sky

Internal Peace, External Chaos

The ride was over, but the hurricane was about to break free of its “stall” over the Bahamas, and then move up the coast of Florida. The storm came the closest at 3am the next morning. Check out the radar and you can see that the eye of Dorian is approximately at the same latitude as Titusville, and the strong orange and yellow bands were starting to hit the house.

The radar from 3:16 am to 9:16 am the next morning

The rain pounded my bedroom window at 3am, and the winds were the strongest that I have experienced here, although quite weak compared to what the Bahamas experienced. Thankfully, we were many miles from the eye and the most powerful winds. It took an hour of window rattling and powerful winds, but then it started meandering up north and all is well.

The effects of that ride still hadn’t left me. I felt this peace and happiness even though the hurricane woke me up at 3:15 in the morning. I felt alive.

Lessons For Life

Life continues on around us all. The hurricane battered the Bahamas and my heart goes out for all those whose homes and lives have been devastated. They have a really rough road ahead. Then with all the political upheaval, shootings here in the US, the climate change that probably helped to juice up Dorian and keep her at a category 5, and other global issues, its difficult to have that peace within. Life is a virtual hurricane and it is dealing us issues from a global level all the way down to our individual lives.

I’ve found that with daily spiritual practices, all of us can get spiritually fit. All of us can come to that deep peace within, and operate in life with an inner calmness. Worry, fear, and anxiety will just melt away. I’ve found that these adventurous moving meditations …. this time a bike ride in the hurricane outer bands … remove all the fear, worry and anxiety.

You don’t have to do an epic bike ride, just get out and move! A simple walk that is turned into a moving meditation will work for you. In addition, regular meditation, such as listening to a guided meditation while sitting in a chair bring us to internal peace.

This morning before I got up (after I fell back asleep at 4:15 a.m. in the morning!! :)) I did a laying down Yoga Nidra (more on that in another blog!) meditation, but you can learn all about this fantastic meditation here.  Kamini (I’ve studied under her) provides a fantastic in-depth experience for this type of meditation, and I will feature it in another blog as well.

I love starting the day off with an early meditation … the day just seems to flow along after that.

This website is dedicated to your spiritual fitness. Stop worrying and enjoy the good in your life! That cartoon was copied from Smile’s post on Pinterest, and I love it! I will have all kinds of meditations, moving meditations and techniques, short courses, and motivational guidelines to help develop your spiritual fitness. Please go to the home page if you haven’t already to find out more about it!

Hurricane Dorian left some beautiful sunsets in her wake, even after so much destruction.

Hurricane Dorian sunset
The setting sun after Hurricane Dorian finally started moving on

One more thought on the shootings and killings in the USA …. almost all are young, white males. What if we could reach most of the USA and get teenage and early “20’s” young men to participate in Spiritual fitness? What if they got to do the type of bike ride I just did? I bet we can wipe out these shootings. We need spiritual fitness, adventure and that deep peace within for not only all of our young men and boys, but within all of us.

I’d love to hear your comments on this and any of the blogs. Are you getting spiritually fit? Let me know how you are finding that inner peace as well. It will take all of us to development the movement in this world towards letting go of fear, anxiety and hate, and moving toward a peace within.

To your spiritual fitness!!

Bobby O.

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