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Meditating provides so many positive benefits, and I have found that the technology Hemi-Sync uses takes me to a deep place within most every time! They deploy the binaural frequency beat that actually slows down my brain and I quickly go to a very deep meditative state. Some Tibetan monks that have been meditating for many decades have been measured to have a very low frequency of brain thoughts (such as 9Hz), and this technology allows all of us to get there quickly without 1000s of hours of practice.

I love meditations, and as a seasoned practitioner, I’ve found the binaural frequency beat method to take me to that deep place ….. why not use technology to dramatically shorten the process so that you can gain all the benefits of deep meditation without spending your lifetime doing it? Hey, it’s worth a couple of MP3’s to try it out. As for me, I’ve bought many digital audios that work really well, and I’ll discuss those below. Click the image if your ready to try, otherwise read on as to why I’m excited about the technology.  You will get 20% off if you visit the link below or at the bottom of the web site.

Hemi-Sync provides many binaural beat frequency meditations – click the image to explore your meditation and spiritual growth


Why Meditate? What’s in it for me?

First of all, are you convinced that meditation is worth it? I mean, it generally will require you to get up a little earlier, or go to bed a little later, or give up some TV or curtail some social media online activities …. but it’s worth it!!

The human mind is a beautiful thing, yet it tends to take control and mess up our lives. The constant fretting, worrying and fearful anxiety that it can produce when we are worried about the past things we’ve done ….  or “those things in the future that might happen …. is just plain exhausting. The incessant churning and rethinking and churning some more can cause us humans to burn up all kinds of energy, create stress in our lives, be unproductive, cause all kinds of health issues, and make life a “sucky” thing to experience.

I’ve found that meditation is so important in slowing down my mind.  Meditation brings me to a calm, deep, inner peace. From that state, I find clarity, excitement, passion, love, health and live life in the moment. Now that’s how to live! It often carries throughout my day.

Over the years I’ve meditated on and off for 25 years. On my journey I’ve tried and used lots of different meditation techniques, and those include Yoga based, guided, transcendental, Christian readings, Kabbalah, drumming, chanting, running, daily meditations from my 12 step programs, moving meditations and others. Quite frankly, I really like them all! I wish everyone in the world would practice meditations daily, what an amazing world we could live in. Everyone would be uplifted, love would replace hate, and most of us would live in a deep place of calm and peace within instead of hate and internal misery. One of my main goals with this website is to bring those kinds of daily meditative practices out for discussion and to encourage many more people to flow through their lives with an inner calm.

One of the myths that I hope to blow up is that you must sit in a cross-legged Lotus position for hours to gain benefits from meditation. YOU DON’T! While I can run many miles, I simply don’t have the flexibility in my hips and knees to sit in a Lotus position for very long. Things quickly start to ache!

The woman above is laying down … yes laying down! That is my favorite and recommended position. However, I do get out of bed to meditate, as I tend to fall asleep if I stay in bed.

So lay down on a mat (I use my yoga mat) or comfortable rug. I place a pillow under my knees and then under the back of my head. The knees being elevated takes all the stress off of my back. Now I put on headsets or my Apple Ear buds, so that I have stereo in both ears. Note that in order to take full advantage of the Hemi-Sync binaural frequency beats, you absolutely must have stereo so that the different beats play in the different ears.

OK … that’s it! Everyone can do this! Lay down, get support for your knees and head, add a blanket to cover up, and listen to the Hemi-Sync binaural frequency beat guided meditations …. it works, it really does! Meditation can be fun and easy. With technology, meditating like a Tibetan monk is within reach for all of us.

Binaural Frequency Beats – What’s that and Why do I care?

There are numerous online explanations including at the Hemi-Sync site, but I’ll provide a quick one below. There are plenty of more details so this is just an overview.


Binaural Frequency beat example

Binaural frequency beats work by having 2 different sound frequencies injected into your ears. There is a difference in the frequency, say 10 Hz, between what the left and right ears are hearing. That difference is then used to “entrain” our brains, and our brains tend to lock on that delta and then operate at that rate. The effect is that our brains are “entrained” and slow way down. It works for me and I go deep whenever I spend time meditating with the technology.

As an example, one tone of 500 Hz is injected into your left ear, while a tone of 510 Hz is injected into the right ear. Our brain hears these sounds, entrains to the difference,  and then actually slows down and starts to operate at 10 Hz, which is the difference between the two frequencies. Our brains lock onto this difference in frequency, and for this example we basically have about 10 thoughts/activities per second. The whole process is called “entraining” the brain. It means that the brain will slow down to whatever the frequency difference is between the two tones. (I have another blog and product review that assist in optimizing your experience)

When we are awake and actively engaged in our normal daily lives (such as conversations), our brains are working at about 25-30Hz, or 25 to 30 brain thoughts/activities per second. No wonder when we get agitated, chaotic, frantic or anxious we burn up so much energy … our brains are spinning at many thoughts per second, usually doing nothing useful.

One of the neat concepts is that with “entraining”, our brains can quickly slow down. Typically, the meditation tracks will start at a higher frequency difference, say 25 Hz for example, and then slowly move the two different frequencies down to a difference of 10 Hz. That is extremely low and in the past only master meditators could get to this state. The Tibetan monks have been recorded to have lower than 10 Hz brain activities. They would have to spend countless hours meditating to get to this advanced state. But now with entraining just about all of us have access to these extremely advanced meditative states. We all can have access to these extremely slow brain states while meditating, and that brings a very deep peace within.

Try it for yourself!

My Hemi-Sync favorites

I’ve bought numerous Hemi-Sync meditations over the years. You can buy these by going to their site – click here or the picture below. The basic one is just called Hemi-Sync Meditation, and it’s a 45-minute meditation with white noise overlaid on a binaural frequency beat and perhaps other “secret sauce” that Monroe products may deploy. It is so simple, but I’ve gone to really deep states with that one. I come out with such a peace within!

Sleep Better! Lots of different applications and focus available — click the image

I’ve struggled with addictions over the years, and found the Carolyn Ball Dissolving Depression, Ending Anxiety, and Breaking Free from addictions to be most helpful along my journey. Patty Ray Avalon’s Inner states: Dawning of Awareness is a great suite, with my favorite being the Luminosity guided meditation. I come out of that one connected to Spirit, filled with Light, and passionate about life!  I’m filled with passion at the end.

Live Life with That Deep Peace Within!

I’ve worked with other men and know of women who have used these binaural beat frequency MP3s (CD) as a portion of their meditative practice. All of us have found that regular use of the meditative tracks brings a deep peace within.

Experience the binaural beat frequency meditations yourself! Click the image to save 20%

Give it a try. It is a small investment that can make a world of difference in bringing a happy, fulfilled, peace within life. It just takes a few dollars and your time. For me, it’s the best investment I have made in Bobby O!

Please leave a comment and/or email link if you find these useful. I’ve found the products to have a stunning effectiveness. I’d love to hear your experiences.

Please add your thoughts, questions, insights and how this blog spoke to you in the comments below.    My goal is to be a driver for a spiritual fitness global movement, and I need your help.  Your comments inspire that journey!! 

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