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I’m driving along the highway through miles and miles of open country. I’m on my way to Florida from Colorado. I’m going to live at a Yoga Ashram for the next year. Then we will see where the journey continues on from there. A giant leap into deepening my Spirit and starting to bring spiritual fitness into the mindset of millions .. That is my passion. I will be studying and learning under the Amrit Yogi master spiritual guide named Gurudev and partaking in the many programs here.

One item that struck me those first 700 or so miles was the sheer number of windmills. They are huge structures and amazing. All through eastern Colorado and Kansas there were miles of them. They come at you in “bunches”, often 20 or 30 miles long, usually along ridges that are almost always windy.

Windmills in Kansas

I’m glad the country is actually doing something about our renewal energy for the future. I guess it doesn’t make the news since it is not as exciting as other things. But to see the giant windmills is spectacular. Onward through the windy country.

Happy in Atlanta

As the journey continues, I travel through Atlanta. I chose mid-morning, as I was hoping the rush hour traffic would be done. Many years ago I drove down I-75, and it was amazing! There are 7 or 8 lanes comprising this highway, in both directions. And it was jammed!!! So this time I thought I would avoid rush hour and chose mid-morning. It’s a crazy mesh of highways.

Atlanta traffic

The thought came to me, “Am I happy?” I was not at that moment, as I was dreading the 7-8 lanes of crazy traffic. I was wondering how many people might be happy in Atlanta?!?!?

I then realized I could choose, to be in that moment, and just be content with whatever happened. Things changed immediately! I went from worry and dreading of the traffic to a peaceful, calm inner self. I framed the moment in the moment, in that I am on a new adventure in life, en route! I felt the excitement, I felt the passion, and I came to peace with the 8 traffic lanes.

It does help with Siri, my voice guided map director on my iPhone, who keeps me on the right road. My inner guide was keeping me on the right road, letting go of the fear, the worry over traffic, and moving instead to enjoying the moment. I realized I was happy! Yes!

Welcome to Florida

Goodbye to Georgia, and into Florida! Now only 2 more hours of driving to go.

Welcome to Florida

The 2 hours pass quickly, and I arrive. The Florida weather is wonderful, partly sunny and in the 60s. Of course that was to me, as it was snowing in Colorado after I left. The Floridians thought is it was a rather cold day. I was grateful for the 60s.

Spiritual Fitness allows for joy, happiness

I reach my destination, the Amrit Yoga Institute. Funny, I was thinking that I had arrived, and the reality was I was just beginning this journey. The driving was over, but the spiritual journey is continuing for our lifetimes!

Amrit Yoga Institute

I find the admin office and receive my welcome packet. It has lots of good information on the layout, where I am staying, and the protocols and happenings. I open it up …. there was this sticker placed right on the folder they gave me …. synchronicity!

I find that as I go to that deep place within, all kinds of wonderful synchronistic events start taking place. The Universe/Spirit/angels are lining them up for me. I remembered that I thought it was odd that I was thinking about happiness in Atlanta … and now it made sense.

I chose to come to the Ashram to deepen my spiritual fitness. I will be immersed in a loving, caring, nurturing environment. The Yogi master Gurudev has his own spiritual fitness that is off the charts! Whenever I am in his presence, I get this deep calm and connect with Source/Spirit. His interpretations and lectures provide a fertile learning environment. Then I get to put the knowledge into practice and share what I have learned with all of you.

So between the 12 steps to overcome alcohol and drug addictions, Gabby Bernstein and the course in Miracles, Wayne Dyer, Mark Romero, Mark Allen, Gurudev and my other guides, I feel very grateful to live a life that is spiritually fit. It enables me to be happy in Atlanta traffic, to let go, and make big changes like I am in the midst of doing right now with grace and ease.

The last “church” service I went to in Colorado included a discussion of joy and happiness. The reverend suggested that joy was the underlying state that we as humans can obtain that fills our lives in each and every moment. She then suggested happiness showed up as an emotion, with the underlying state of joy and peace within.

Forgive me, but I like to interchange the two. Yes the joy is that “state” when I have inner peace and calm. Then I find happiness sprouts up all over the place, in just about every situation, even though it is an emotion. I like that concept of traveling with happiness, having that attitude. I must admit I cannot feel happiness when I am crazy, chaotic and fearful inside my mind. I must come to have a clear head and being aware of my thoughts. I must become the observer. In witness, I don’t react, but rather proactively respond. I choose to be happy as I travel through life.

Are you Happy?

Join me, let’s get spiritually fit!! Find that deep, silent, place of peace within. Then you will live in joy, happiness will be a way of traveling, and life will be an exciting adventure.

Are you happy?

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