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One of my main mentors as I walk this path of spiritual fitness is Gabby Bernstein. She also struggled with substance abuse, and has been sober for over 10 years now. She has such an authentic, honest, down-to-earth style that motivates me to connect with Spirit. She followed Dr. Wayne Dyer, and I thoroughly enjoyed, learned from him, and deepened my spiritual practice with his many videos, books, and teachings. Gabby also uses A Course In Miracles as one of her key resources that I also find takes me to Spirit.

The Universe Has Your Back

One of my favorite Gabby Bernstein books is “The Universe Has Your Back”. I’ve read it cover to cover, multiple times. She also has a journal with the same name that is also available. Click to buy it!

My well worn copy with orange sticky page marks and yellow underlines throughout! My go to book to get out of fear and into Life!

Click on the image above or you can buy this great book here!

The “Universe” is just another name for God, Spirit, Source, Jesus, angels, True Love, Yahweh, Allah, Buddha, Satenam and any other name that resonates with your understanding. It has lots of ways to manifest your dreams, let go of fears and resentments, be aligned with the “Universe”, and live in joy and love.

The biggest gift I got from this book is in transforming my fear to faith. Us humans tend to worry about everything! The anxiety, stress, fast pace and chaos of this information age keeps us in constant judgment and criticism of ourselves and others. What a joy to let go of this standard fear based existence. She gives step by step instructions, along with meditations and other practices to practice the theory. I’m a big believer in practice, and the book is filled with them. In fact, she says that if we just put one of the practices into place, our lives will be changed forever. I’m trying to put the whole book into practice! Look out, I’m going into the depths of Spiritual Fitness!

Affiliate Marketing

One of the ways I support creating these blogs and the website is via affiliate marketing. If you click the above link, for example, and go to Amazon, I will receive a small marketing fee. Many of the links and ads on my sites and others actually will provide the same, and it’s a shared abundance model. So hey, if I can send traffic to these other web sites that allows them to make a sale, then I get to share in the abundance with them. It’s a great model, as we all share in the abundance.

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I’m dedicated to Spiritual Fitness, so I must operate with complete integrity. Any suggestions I make actually work and I will not sponsor anything that is not congruent with my beliefs. I am here to uplift others and assist in spiritual fitness, that is my intention. So please enjoy the blogs, courses and meditations, and support the website with these trusted products.

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