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If a few years ago, you said, “hey Bobby, you will be living in a yoga Ashram for the next year or so of you are life” … I’d have said … “you are crazy. There is no way!”

Yet here I am …. and I’m finding that really deep peace within. I’m able to do my daily spiritual practices, and while there have been a few struggles, I find myself here this morning feeling an inner joy, delight in life, and a passion to reach out and give some of it to you. Drink it in!! Swim in that inner joy!

Getting Settled In

There are so many things to take care of with a move of this type. From license plates to new mail addresses to getting my way around, there is so much to get updated. Then to learn the many facets of working at the Ashram, from different ways to chop vegetables, to knowing where everything is, to figuring out how I can add value, and getting to know the other people here at the Ashram. Since there may be 30 to 80 people here at any time that need to be fed (if a program is going on and all of us who live here), there is a lot of food preparation, including chopping many onions! I found a solution for that!

Yes those are my swim goggles!

Functional Family!

We all are born into a “family”. Sometimes there can be some “crazy” in that family, and its been a part of my life to accept, let go, and use that “chaos” to drive me toward my spiritual practices and to a deep peace within. No matter what, our dysfunctional families can truly be the catalyst that moves us onward and upward in life.

The amazing thing about the yoga community is that so many people are operating from a place of love, and it permeates throughout the Ashram. In general, it is a nurturing, uplifting environment to be a part of. I’m glad I’ve made the choices I have so far. There actually is a feeling of a “functional family” here.

Of course, not all who follow the lineage have that deep peace within. I’ve found it the same in all the meetings and churches I’ve been to in my life, as well as here at the Ashram: many are moving in a spiritual direction, while a few are still struggling with that peace within. My journey is to find that spiritual fitness, with a calm, inner peace, accepting life as it comes and working hard to move in my spiritual direction. Through spiritual fitness, I am able to stay in the Light, uplift others, and bring that happy joy, positivity and enthusiasm to life. Be the Light!

Focus on Spiritual Practices

One of the coolest things at the Ashram is that we take time every day to do a morning yoga session and then yoga Nidra meditation at lunch. These come first, and work is “worked” around these 2 pillars. I’ve added my own spiritual practices including running in the National Forest, swimming, paddle boarding, and meditations on my own.

That is a woman meditating, going into her “third eye”. We are invited to do that during our meditations, and I often see an eye or light shining back at me when I go to that deep state within. By doing these meditations and spiritual practices every day, my whole mental psyche has moved far away from anxiety, fear, worry, reaction, and judgment and on to awareness, observation, acceptance, and love. I’m not burning up energy in constant mental thoughts that take me to fear, but rather a calm acceptance and peace. Make the time, like we do here at the Ashram, to do your own daily spiritual practices. I’m thinking of doing a study for Corporate America, which from my experience tends to work you to exhaustion, on just how much more effective we humans can be when we are operating from a place of stillness, calm and peace within. I’m betting the study will show that Corporate America loses billions of dollars every year due to the illness, stress, anxiety and fears of the human work force being overworked and driven to meet tough schedules.

Crazy Deep Peace Within

I’m glad that I made the choice to move here. I miss Colorado, my friends, running in the mountains, and that deep blue sky. Yet there are wonderful things every place I have every lived. The warm weather here, the ocean, the lake, the National Forest, the trails and the sunsets make this a beautiful location, especially in winter.

That is the view of Lake Kerr where the yoga Ashram is located at sunset the other evening. It almost didn’t look real while I was standing there, much less enjoying the picture later.

Nature provides a direct path to Spirit for me. I find that deep inner peace and calm when I am swimming in the lake, paddle boarding on it, or just walking on the pier and taking pictures like the one above. I enjoyed going to the ocean and body surfing, along with runs on the Florida trail, and hiking out in the National Forest. All of these open my heart, allow me to place that mental monkey mind on hold or pause it just a little, so that I can be present and still.

Walking along the beach at the Atlantic Ocean just north of the Kennedy Space Center.

Are you getting out and into nature often? I find it to be the best therapy and spiritual practice I participate in.

The yoga Nidra meditation that we do here at the Ashram is very powerful. I’ll write much more on the topic, but instead of trying to sit cross-legged in a lotus position with my knees aching, we lie down on the floor, put a pillow under my head (and my knees) and then are guided into a very powerful mediation. I’ve found these are extremely powerful and have become the foundation of my spiritual practices. Are you meditating regularly? Try it, and get ready to let go of all those fears, anxieties and worries that are taking up all  of your energy and power.

My body was tired this morning, so I took a walk in the National Forest by myself. As I’m hiking along the Florida trail, my mind slowly stopped its incessant chatter, came to a slow halt, and I found myself in this crazy, deep peace within, just totally in that moment. Ah … then of course I noticed it and interrupted the moment, as my mind said “oh we need to grab hold of this and make sure we get more of it”! Ah … letting go and just being in the moment. Crazy deep peace within happens.

May you all find these moments in life and relish in them. Let them carry you through the rough times that “Life” will surely throw at you.

All the best,

Bobby O.

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