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Want that amazing peace within? That inner calm with a happy, joyous, and bright outlook toward your life?

I’ve got an approach that works, virtually every time. Experience it for yourself … I’ve used it hundreds of times and it simply works, each and every time. The Yoga Ashram I was at also uses a form of this, where we do yoga asanas, then we lay down and meditate immediately afterwards. The quick game plan:

  1. Physical Exercise – aerobic is best, but any fitness or exercise that elevates your heart rate- best is exercise that is continuous for meditation
  2. Meditate (can be a moving meditation at the end of your exercise)
  3. Experience Amazing peace within

That’s it …details below.

Meditation doesn’t have to be sitting cross-legged in a lotus position with your knees crossed, struggling to keep focused. I can easily run 10 miles, but sitting in the classic cross-legged yoga position is difficult for me. I still do that, but most of the time I use physical activity, then followed up by laying down on the ground for my meditation. It works! Now this is Spiritual Fitness!

Exercise and Fitness

Physical exercise along with actively using our bodies are so important for overall health. I come alive after I do my various physical fitness routines. I like to vary them up, but my “go to” favorites are running, swimming, walking and hiking. I’ve also enjoyed yoga, biking, snow shoeing, stand-up paddle boarding, canoeing, surfing, cross-country skiing, and adventure combinations. The important first step is to get out there and get active, get that body moving.

I’ve found that once I get physically fit, doing any of the above exercises is fun! Yes, exercise for me has become fun. I truly look forward to that time when I get out, get the oxygen flowing, my limbs and body start to feel energized, and a whole cocktail of wonderful chemicals floods my brain and body. The endorphins, oxytocins, and opiates all just naturally flow and I feel alive, excited and enjoy my workouts. If you get regular in your workouts, the same will happen for you.  Go for it!

It is so important to keep exercising and eating right throughout our lives. I will write more blogs on that, but I’ve seen enough now to be “certain”. Those of us (I’m 61 as I write this) that continue to do almost daily physical exercise and resistance work along with a good diet stay active, healthy and vibrant throughout life. I’m no longer following the “getting old and feeble” by sitting around and doing nothing routine … I’m exercising and staying fit, health permitted, for life! Physical fitness is a part of my spiritual fitness program.

So step 1 is to get out and exercise, it really doesn’t matter what type you choose, but its best if its something you enjoy and can do with little distractions. For this blog, I’m heading to the PlayaLinda beach on the ocean.

PlayaLinda beach – my favorite running grounds in Florida

I love running on this beach since it is so empty. If you can find an aerobic routine where there are few distractions, along with a place that you can go to a deep place within, that is the best candidate. However, I’ve found doing yoga with many other students in a crowded room also works.

Moving Meditation (not solving world hunger)

As I start my run along the beach, I plan on an hour for the entire exercise. The first few minutes I walk and let the body warm up and get those kinks out of the muscles. After about 5 minutes I start to run, and begin slow and easy, working on my form, with my hips forward, chest up, and relaxed. Getting into the flow is my goal.

The body complains at me for a few minutes, but then settles in and I’m flowing down the beach. I let my mind just wander and wonder, taking it all in, with no particular agenda. The first 10 minutes or so are just getting settled inside.

I set my intention for this run to create a moving meditation. I’m running alone today, but if I was with a friend we may chit chat and talk about life for the first half of the run. It’s often more fun to run with others, and the first part of this process its good to catch up, talk about life, solve world hunger and get into your own flow.

A couple of runners chit chatting – makes exercise fun

At about the half-way point for me, or 30 minutes into my run, I hit the turnaround far up the beach. Now I go within. This is where the moving meditation begins. If you are running/walking/exercising with a friend, agree that this is the time to go within.

I return to my breath and the rhythm of the waves. That combination slows my thoughts down and I start to feel calm. Focus on your breath as it goes in, then as it goes out. The mind likes to be busy, and this gives it something to focus on. After a few minutes of slowing down my mind, I turn to gratitude. I visualize and express gratitude inwardly and to Spirit/my guides/angels (put in your Higher Power or version of Divinity) for all the gifts in my life. I’m totally grateful that I’m at my age and running effortlessly down the beach for many miles, with health and vibrancy. I’m grateful to share these blogs and uplift the many people who will read them. I’m grateful for the sun, the ocean, for love, for beauty, and for life!

Next I just open up to see what comes from Spirit and my guides. Today I have no agenda, just to listen. Sometimes I will have a particular question or decision in life, and following Gabby Bernstein’s approach, I ask the Universe for guidance and to teach me what I need to learn at this point. I then let it go and listen.

What often happens is extraordinary! I start receiving a suite of thoughts that seem totally outside my usual thinking. Sometimes they are on topic, sometimes just inspirational, sometimes insightful … it happens when I become an open channel for the Universe to teach me what I need for that day.  Running in this manner is a moving meditation.  I go to that deep peace within.

Meditation and Journaling

I’m getting back to the start …. 6 miles today, awesome run. I feel that peace and calm within that always happens after exercising and then meditating. Today I have a few extra minutes, so I down my cold water in the bottle that is waiting, listen to one of Gabby’s inspirational meditations (I am a Lightworker), and journal for a few minutes. An inspiring stream of words comes pouring out onto the pages. I feel connected. I feel that Oneness with all. I am joyous with that inner peace!

The book “The Universe Has Your Back” from Gabby Bernstein has been very inspirational for me and I use some of her meditations that are provided with the book with my meditations and journaling. I’ve provided a link, and if you click on any of the links in this blog you also will support myself and the spiritual fitness revolution.

Ocean Run – Inner Calm

So that is the process. The ocean run today was powerful. I got insights into future blogs and ideas for uplifting others in multiple ways. I saw visions of the future. I am energized and excited within. There is peace and serenity inside.

Back at the start and feeling that deep inner peace.

Slow motion run – that deep peace within at the finish line

Then back to real life. Many of the problems I thought were so huge before don’t seem as important. I’m at peace, invigorated and ready to face life. I decided to write this blog and share the experience. I feel that profound serenity that money just can’t buy.

Real Peace and Serenity

The recipe I provided is very repeatable and has always led to the same result; that wonderful, deep down peace and calm within.

The process is repeated below:

  1. Physical Exercise – aerobic is best, but any fitness or exercise that elevates your heart rate- best is exercise that is continuous for meditation
  2. Meditate (can be a moving meditation at the end of your exercise)
  3. Experience Amazing peace within

Fitness, meditation and a deep peace within. The ocean above provides the wonderful rhythm of the natural waves; I’m at peace.

In the ocean run today, I did the moving meditation during the last part of the run, and then did a journal/meditation combination just after I got done. I’ve found that the moving meditation during exercise, or the meditation just after exercise, or both like I did on today’s run ALL WORK! Try it — exercise for at least 20 minutes, get the heart rate elevated, release those wonderful oxytocins, endorphins and other natural chemicals, meditate immediately after or during the final part of the exercise, and then experience that inner state of joy.

So come join me and let’s get spiritually fit! Live life …. with inner calm, and the outer passion, vibrancy and joy. Please share your experiences below, particularly if you enjoy a certain type of exercise and then follow it up with a meditation. Let me know how it works for you.

Remember, you can receive benefits from any activity that increases your heart rate … so don’t fret if running isn’t an option for you, as I’ve found virtually any physical exercise that elevates the heart rate will work. I just love running and find it a powerful mode for myself.

To your physical fitness and spiritual fitness! Physical Fitness => Spiritual Fitness => Deep peace within.  Spiritual Fitness really works, live your life!!

Bobby O.

    12 replies to "Fitness => Meditation=> [Amazing Calm Within]"

  • Vicki

    My meditation comes when I am in my garden amongst nature and it keeps me physically well 

    I am 60 so past the running days due to knee issues but when I am outside gardening or down by the ocean fishing my soul is peaceful, my body is relaxed and I am at peace all through which is perfect

    I love visiting your site as it is always of deep interest to me – thank you

    • admin

      Excellent Vicki!  Yes I’ve gotten “lost” within and empty minded working in the yard and/or gardens over the years.  I run by many “fishing” people on the beach and most seem very happy and always say hello to me.  Nice meditative opportunities, thanks for sharing those.

      Bobby O.

  • Dave Sweney

    Maintaining fitness does not have to be a chore that you feel you have to do. I see that too much in the gyms I visit, and a much more healthy approach is the one that you advocate and practice, which is some form of exercise followed by meditation (or combines with meditation) with an outcome of you being a calmer and at peace person. 

    This is ideal and it is possible. For much of my life, I was extremely active on the physical side, training for and running marathons while in the military, which requires lots of physical activity as well on a regular basis. One way that I got through all of that was to meditate while and after exercising.

    It may seem counterintuitive but it really works and I think it will work for everyone. They do not have to run a marathon to have it work for them either. Any form of exercise that raises the heartbeat and gets them moving their muscles will help. Simple walking will work. 

    This was a very enjoyable post and I think readers will be inspired to get out and start working on their fitness and also use meditation to leverage that effort to realize the calm that you and I know about and enjoy daily. Thanks! 

    • admin

      Awesome on your marathons!  I’ve done lots of triathlons (not the full Ironman yet) but no marathons.  I really enjoy running and the moving meditative experience.  Are you able to get out and still exercise to some extent?  I’ve definitely started hiking and walking more and running a little less to recover more as I age! 

      Bobby O.

  • SeunJeremiah

    It is apparent that exercise in the form of aerobic activity, including walking, running, swimming, dancing and hiking, can promote health and well being similar to that of mindful meditation. Both allow you to release stress and engage in health-promoting activities. I’m not really the type that does fitness but after reading this article i will definitely give it a try by running and afterwards meditation to increase my  focus.

    • admin

      SeunJeremiah, thanks and definitely give it a try!  Let me know how it works for you.   I find it very powerful for myself and plan to continue on for life. 

      Bobby O.

  • Dale

    This was a wonderful article and its giving me some great ideas.  You see just a couple days ago I made a decision to lose weight and get healthier.

    I am a type 2 diabetic and I dont believe I have been taking it serious enough.

    Reading your blog has given me a lot of great ideas.  I am a little to heavy to start running yet but I do love walking and other things.  I know I can get up to running.

    Thank you for helping me with my journey


    • admin

      Your welcome! Yes, just start where you are and go from there, its perfect for you! I’ve found persistence, patience and determination really work in starting any new routine.   Keep in touch as I’d like to watch your progress, that is inspiring to me! 

  • Paul

    Dear Bobby,

    Exercise and meditation are on my to-do list and on my every new year’s resolution. I am from India and you might be aware Yoga is very famous here but I am still not doing it. I was doing some research online and come across your informative and helpful article.

    Sharing from your experience adds more value to this article and the quick game plan is very helpful. Indeed, sitting in one place is the big challenge for me too and thanks for the advice on it.

    The benefits you shared in doing exercise are amazing. Walking and hiking are my favorites too!

    I do appreciate you for doing all these at 61, hats off to you. When I read “Physical fitness is a part of my spiritual fitness” it is an eye-opener for me and made me think deeply.

    Thanks a lot for the walk-through and while reading it I felt like I am with you while you are doing your morning rituals. The videos you embedded are amazing.

    Great information, you have really given a lot of value here. After reading your article I am determined to do my exercises and yoga every day.

    Much Success!


    • admin

      Thanks Paul, and I spent 4 months at a yoga Ashram earlier this year, and the head Yogi master Gurudev had just gotten back from a pilgrimage to India.  Often at the Ashram I would do a moving meditation yoga, followed by the shivasana pose to complete the meditation.  Very powerful!  India and yoga has given me a gift!

  • John Greg


    This is amazing insights. I never thought that doing a physical exercise can equal to meditation. The biggest surprise for me is I am already doing it but in a different way but the process is similar.

    It is really interesting how humans are wired. It is not about our belief but how our body thirst for meditation and there are actual benefits of meditating!

    I’m a Christian and usually when I brisk walk or go to the gym to exercise I also do what you stated in your blog. I slow down my mind as well and pray. I thank God for all the blessings that I received and I confessed all the wrongdoings I did to Him and others and yeah usually this is the best time to listen to His will for me too – this is similar to what you have shared! At the end of my exercise, I have a ton of insights that I can use to help my church and my community – again, similar to the results you shared.

    I shared this because I agree with the results! And I am glad that I read your post because all this time I thought you can only meditate if you are still and not moving but now I know that you can also meditate while moving. And yes! I agree that meditating can bring inner peace!


    • admin

      Hey John,  thanks for sharing your views and experiences.   Yes I too thought you had to sit crossed legged in the lotus position, or be kneeling down in a pew at a church, in order to be silent and connect with Source/God.  Now I find, like your experience, that the only real thing that matters is slowing down my own mind, so that I can be grateful and LISTEN!  To moving meditations!  Thanks for the reply.

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