Let go of your fears, anxieties, and worries. Live with a deep peace within.

Get spiritually fit! Join in.

Hello! I used to have “greetings from Colorado” as my introduction, but I decided to pack up some of my belongings and head to a Yoga Ashram in Florida. So hello from Florida too. I lived in Colorado for over 30 years, and I love the mountains and the golden Aspen leaves. I enjoy running and hiking in the mountains. I have found it is like a moving meditation, I connect with nature, and come to that deep peace within …. all while feeling passionate, excited and alive!

I enjoy many different physical activities, and I’m really excited to do paddle boarding and yoga on the StandUP paddle board (SUP) here in Florida. While physical fitness is a passion of mine, the spiritual fitness that has evolved allows me to live a life of joy, punctuated with lots of happiness!

Morning Lake Kerr

I’m working from the end of the dock this morning, so I wanted to share this beautiful setting with you.

Bobby’s Journey

I grew up loving physical exercise and sports of all kinds. I am only 5’8″, so not very big. Yet I was very fast, agile and powerful, so I generally excelled at all physical activities. I would organize the other boys when I was young and loved to play quarterback, throwing the football around, then basketball, and all the other sports. I found swimming was my gift, and after age 7 I set records most every time I swam. My career culminated at Univ. Of Maryland, swimming on the varsity team there. Everyone on the team was extremely talented, so I was just OK.

Through the years I got my master’s degree in electrical engineering, I got married to a beautiful woman, had 2 wonderful children, and worked as an electrical engineer for many years. I raced in many triathlons where you swim, bike and run. Then in Colorado it was skiing, snowboarding, snow shoeing and triathlons. I just really enjoyed physical fitness. Yet I noticed along the way that physical fitness does not mean happiness and joy inside … rather it too can be an addiction that slowly consumes one’s soul. Alcohol began to get more prevalent in my life, particularly wine, and it started to erode my marriage. With too much chaos during drinking escapades, we got divorced.

Then I got laid off from Verizon on Christmas of 2014. Along the way I added drugs to the mix with alcohol, ruined wonderful relationships with other women, and almost died from the addictions. I couldn’t stop. I tried but failed. I was miserable to the core. I had found hell.

Then I started going to 12 step groups, doing meditations, yoga, and my mountain runs became spiritual meditations. I found spiritual fitness.

Then miracles started happening in my life. I realized I was living with a deep peace within, moving through the adventure of life with a constant joy and passion underneath the surface. I was able to mentor and sponsor other men who have had the same miracle start to form in their lives. I just have to give this away!

During the final days of my alcohol drinking and drug use, I was completely miserable. I had literally gone to hell. Now I have over 3 1/2 years of sober time. Drugs and alcohol are no longer a part of my life. Instead, I have come to find an inner peace and live with joy. I want you to as well!

Drugs and alcohol were just the symptom. The real issue was the chaos, resentments, fears within. But I couldn’t stop either alcohol or drugs until I got spiritually fit. I tried, but they kept calling me back.


Now I live with an inner joy, and face most of life’s challenges with grace and ease. I want to share the process, practices and tools I used to find that deep inner peace with you. I want to enable you to get spiritually fit, so that you can live a joyous, happy life with that deep peace within. You will be able to solve and move through life’s problems, and live your life with inner joy, freedom and happiness.

When I was young, physical fitness was almost unheard-of, as only those on sports teams were out running or getting fit. Now it is very common to see people out jogging, doing yoga, hiking, and other physical activities. Physical fitness is common.

The purpose of this website is to bring the techniques, practices, and daily activities that will bring spiritual fitness to you. One of my goals is to bring spiritual fitness to the forefront of your mind and millions of others. I’d like to see us all ask each other “how’s your spiritual fitness going?” … just like we ask “how’s your physical fitness going these days?”

I’ve truly come to see that only through spiritual fitness can I put aside all that life throws at me, and live with a deep peace within. I live with that inner joy, and simply enjoy each moment. It takes a lot of work to get there, but it’s so worth the journey.

Florida Yoga Ashram

My kids have finished college and moved on in life. I no longer wish to work for Corporate America. So I packed up some of my belongings, and drove to Florida to live at the Amrit Yoga Institute. I have come here in the past, and experienced some powerful healing, teaching, and coaching sessions. The main Yoga master is named Yogi Amrit Desai, or Gurudev, and he is truly a master of Spiritual Fitness. When he teaches, it hits home with me no matter where I am in life. He has a genius for cutting through the trappings of life and zeroing in on practices and mindsets to free us, create that space, and live with that deep peace within.

My intention with this yoga ashram experience is to continue to learn and deepen my own spiritual fitness. I want to go to that really deep place of joy and peace within. Then I can share even more of what I am learning and experiencing to help you to improve your life. Enjoy the blogging section where I have devoted an entire section for the ashram experience.

Let’s Get Spiritually Fit together!

So come join me, Bobby, and let’s get spiritually fit together. Just like physical fitness, it takes your own effort, you must “do” various activities to get spiritually fit. However, this “doing” is mostly just letting go. We must actively remove the barriers and let that Source/Spirit/God/Presence flow into our lives after we get out of the way. Any religion will work, this is not about religion, it’s about clearing out the worry, fretting, resentments and fear, and letting Source into that spaciousness, into that void we create in our lives.

Spiritual fitness for me is a deep, calm inner peace, with an underlying state of joy and passion. Then all kinds of synchronistic events happen that help me along my path. I love living in this state. I want you to have it too, so come join me. Imagine just letting go of your money and relationship worries, your fears, your resentments, and living with peace within and flowing through life. Its totally possible. Spiritual Fitness is the answer!

So if you have any questions, ideas, thoughts, synchronistic events, or start feeling that deep peace within, please reach out to me and dialogue with the comments section. I would enjoy hearing from you.

All the best, and here’s to your spiritual fitness!!

Bobby O.