Let go of your fears, anxieties, and worries. Live with a deep peace within.

Get spiritually fit! Join in.

Hang gliding in the mountains

Welcome to Spiritual Fitness with Bobby O!

Are you happy in life? Living a fulfilled, joyous, passionate life?  Or do you and some of your loved ones struggle with anxiety, fears, resentments, or making important changes in your life, struggle with addictions and other bad habits that diminish your life?

After years of battling with alcohol and drug addictions, there is a solution to solve those problems, and live life as an adventure.  It’s called Spiritual Fitness!  So I started with the 12 steps, but then Gabby Bernstein, Wayne Dyer, Joe Dispenza, the yogi master Amrit Desai, Mark Allen, Jeffrey Allen, Mark Romero, Rich Rolls, Abraham Hicks, along with different religions I have experienced, all combined to bring me to this point.   I can’t wait to give it away and let you enjoy the same joy!

What is Spiritual Fitness?  Spiritual fitness for me is a deep, calm inner peace, with an underlying state of joy and passion. Then all kinds of synchronistic events happen that help me along my path. I love living in this state. I want you to have it too, so come join me. Check out the informational video below to get started.

Imagine just letting go of your money and relationship worries, your fears, your resentments, and living with peace within and flowing through life. Its totally possible.

Spiritual Fitness is the answer! It’s a two part process …. First we must clear out things that don’t work for us.  We must let go of our fears, anxieties, resentments, ego based neediness, and clear out all the items that simply don’t work for us in life.  Second, we let the Source or Spirit come flowing and pouring into that space that we just created.

Double sun on Lake Kerr! Break free and find that deep peace within

This is NOT about religion. In fact any religion or no religion is just fine.  Spiritual fitness works just like physical fitness.  If we do some kind of resistance work, such as weights, Pilates, yoga, stretch bands, etc … and then add cardio, whether that is hiking, running, biking, swimming, rock climbing, etc … we can become physically fit.  It does not matter what specific forms we do, but we must combine strength training and cardiovascular training to become physically fit.

The same with spiritual fitness.  We must clear out the “junk”, all those things that diminish us, and let in the “Source, Spirit, or whatever it is that energizes you”.  Once spiritually fit, we can handle all that life throws at us, and live with an inner joy.  That creates abundance of all kinds in our life, from our finances, to relationships to that deep peace within.

Just like physical fitness, there are many different ways to get spiritually fit as well.  One of the methods I advocate for is moving meditations, where we  meditate while we are exercising or moving our bodies in some manner.  The movement (such as hiking or running) makes meditation even more accessible to many that would be challenged to sit cross legged in the lotus position …. that is great for some who are flexible, but is very difficult for those of us that have tighter muscles and joints. In addition, it allows spiritual fitness to happen as an adventure, instead of just the traditional meditation that is also an important tool.

Paddle boarding may be used for moving meditation

Oh … it takes hard work.  There is no magic pill and “poof” … you are spiritually fit!  And just like physical fitness, it takes a lifetime of continued daily practices to stay in that condition.

Enjoy the blogs!  They are filled with real life adventures and stories that provide lessons for us as we live our spiritual lives.  Sometimes I best remember lessons through parables, stories, and blogs!  Then I can remember the lessons …. the hard part for me is putting the lessons to use in the moment, when I need them, instead of remembering them later.  May the blogs bring them to the front of your awareness and live  from that state.

Peace within often comes when viewing a sunset

Are you ready to life an amazing, joyful, happy, passionate life, filled with abundance?!?  It will happen when you get spiritually fit! Live life as an adventure.  Join me in a shared journey to inner peace.    Create that life you can live passionately in.